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Seasons Greetings, Biggie Blog Readers...

First off, I'd like to apologize for my extended absence here in the blogosphere... as I'm sure you all understand, sometimes life gets in the way of things like blogging. The recent few posts did not come from Biggie (even one of the ones posted as Biggie) but I'm sure they helped fill the void. Rest assured, we're back!

Next item of business... we've got a new email address. You may now send your comments, questions, and concerns to Biggie at . . If you sent something to the old email address, and didn't receive a response, we apologize... please hit us up at the new address.

And now onto the "more"... Tis the season for holiday cocktails! Here's one that I've been enjoying recently, recommended to me by a friend in the biz... Eggnog White Russians! Or as I like to call them, 'Nog Russians.

Simply prepare your White Russian as you normally would... 2oz of your favorite vodka, 1oz of a coffee liqueur (like Kahlua), but rather than topping that off with milk or cream, use eggnog instead. Stir, sprinkle with some freshly ground nutmeg, and enjoy!

What holiday cocktails have you been enjoying? Please share them with us and our readers!

One last thing before we go... With New Year's Eve rapidly approaching, it's time to stock up on bubbly! The Biggie staff recently gathered for a holiday meal together, and we enjoyed a few bottles of Domaine Allimant-Laugner Brut Rose... everyone (even the non-bubbly drinkers) found it to be quite delightful.

If that one doesn't strike your fancy, we've got plenty of others to choose from. Some are even on sale, like the Veuve Clicquot Brut Yellow Label!

See everyone back here in 2011!

(Jennifer is a New York transplant who works part time at Biggie Liquor, full time in an office, and wishes it were the other way around)

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28 Dec 2010 12:58 #1

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Replied by JMC on topic Apologies, Updates, and More!

Great to have you back and great recipe.
28 Dec 2010 19:50 #2

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Replied by CinnamonGirl on topic Apologies, Updates, and More!

Awesome recipe!
29 Dec 2010 18:24 #3

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