What's in a Name?

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What’s in a name?

A Cease-and-Desist order, apparently…

Do you like Gordon Imperial Red from Oskar Blues? Then there’s a good chance you’ll like G’Knight Imperial Red. Because it’s the same beer.

After a launch party in February, Oskar Blues will be re-releasing their “Big, Red, and Sticky” Imperial Red under a new name; G’Knight. The can will still look the same, save for the name, so if you shop visually, you might not even notice the change… and you certainly won’t notice a change when you drink it.

Why the confusion? You can find the details here in an article from the Daily Camera:


… But to sum it up for you, Gordon Biersch Brewery has decided to claim ownership on the (let’s admit it, pretty common) name, Gordon.

Despite the fact that Oskar Blues had chosen the name Gordon in tribute to a local legend by the name of Gordon Knight, founder of various local breweries and fire-fighting hero, Gordon Biersch Brewery has asked that they no longer use the name, and Oskar Blues has obliged. Rather than fight the issue, OB has chosen a new name that will still honor the late Gordon Knight and satisfy the Imperial Red drinkers… and I think it’s quite clever. Better than the first, even.

I don’t know about you, but I think that naming something in tribute is generally considered a pretty nice thing to do… So I’d just like to say, “not cool, Gordon Biersch, not cool”. Or, in the words of my friend Katy, who first brought my attention to this injustice, “Gordon Biersch needs to shove it”.

G’Knight all… (and to all a good night).

(Jennifer is a New York transplant who works part time at Biggie Liquor, full time in an office, and wishes it were the other way around)

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Replied by JMC on topic What's in a Name?

strange but true story, I just don't get it.
27 Jan 2011 16:06 #2

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