Please help us find stolen necklaces from a Borgata

15 Dec 2015 19:00 #1 by aBorgata
Hey Everyone,
I am sad to say that someone decided to take these necklaces on either Wednesday Dec 9th or Thursday Dec 10th.
The artist and my self are totally heartbroken that someone could come into our store and do such a thing.

If you see these necklaces around or happen to hear about them. Please contact me at the store.
If the person would return them we will not press charges. We just want the items back.
I know its Christmas and times can be tough for some folks. But this isn't the way to go.
Please help us find these two necklaces.. They are one of a kind turquoise/silver and pearl.
Thanks for your help out there.
Please share this to help us locate them. Thanks!!

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15 Dec 2015 19:09 #2 by mountaindollar
Very sorry to hear this but will tell you we have issues at Mountain Dollar from time to time.

The security cameras really help with this type of thing.

If you get cameras make sure you put the monitor out where folks can see it and know that you are watching.

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