Developing a Strong Social Media Strategy

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When you are marketing your business, sometimes all the different options and avenues available to you can be extremely overwhelming. The key to keeping things under control and not losing your mind in the process is to have a strong social media marketing plan. Having this in place will help you increase brand awareness, followers, drive traffic to your website, and generate leads in your sales funnel.
Here are 5 simple tips to help you develop your social media marketing strategy.

1. Know Your Target Audience

Who are you marketing to? What social media networks do they hang out on? What are their interests? You need to have a strong understanding of your target market so that you can effectively reach them on social media (or in any marketing, really!).

2. Know Your Social Media Goals

What are your goals for being on social media? Are you looking to increase followers? Send more traffic to your website? Develop social relationships with your consumers? Know exactly what you are looking to accomplish and be sure to review these goals on a regular basis. Keeping these in mind and working towards accomplishing them will help you have a successful social media presence.

3. Engaging Content

Have you ever been scrolling through Facebook when you are bored and all you see is boring content posted by businesses? Avoid being lumped into that category by sharing interesting and engaging content. Here are a few ideas on ways to share engaging content:
- Live-Stream: Go live with your followers and show them something fascinating. Are you teaching a class? Go live and showcase your question and answer section of your presentation. Share knowledge. Teach them something. Or give them a laugh. Most people will stop and view content when they see it is live.
- Images: In the digital age, images are crucial. Make sure they are crisp images, sized appropriately, and that the text is easy to read.
- Links to Blog: If you are running a blog on your website, you can share links to them on your social media accounts. This is a fantastic way to get more people to go to your website and it gives you the opportunity to showcase your knowledge.

4. Be Social

Don’t be one of those social media accounts that only produces content and expects the engagement to remain solely on your own accounts. Get out and interact with your consumers. Like their posts, share content that is relevant, make comments, and be their “friend.” You would be surprised at how many people miss that part of marketing their business online.

5. Review Your Analytics Regularly

Remember those goals we talked about earlier? Use the analytics on your social media accounts to gauge how you met (or even didn’t meet) those goals you set. Think about what tweaks you can make to enhance the next month and get you closer to reaching those goals. Review your posts and see what content was most popular with your followers. Use those ideas to share more of that content for the following month. Tailor your marketing plans to your followers and provide the content they are most interested in seeing. This is the secret of getting more people to interact and engage with your posts.

Putting together a social media marketing plan and evaluating it each month can be very time consuming. If you are interested in learning more about a plan tailored specifically to you and your social media followers, Social Media Maiden can help! We specialize in helping businesses with their online marketing needs and helping you reach your marketing goals. Schedule a complimentary 30-minute call with one of our specialists to discuss your individual needs.
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