Rocky Mtn. Academy of Evergreen, a public charter school K-8

10 Dec 2010 12:25 #1 by RMAE
First Round Choice Enrollment starts 1/5/11! Now is the time to be visiting area schools to select the best choice for your child's education!

Rocky Mountain Academy of Evergreen, serving Kindergarten through Gr. 8, located at 2959 Royale Elk Way in Evergreen, is a tuition free public charter school serving children from all over the foothills region. Roughly 30% of our student population now draws from the 285 corridor and that is growing yearly.

RMAE is a Core Knowledge school that has won many awards including the John Irwin Award of Excellence and has been selected as an official Visitation Site for Core Knowledge Schools nationally.

We are getting ready to cut the ribbon on our school building expansion in the next few weeks! Come and see what's "soon to be" for our middle school program enhancements!

We value our mission to challenge all children to excel in academics and in their social emotional development. This is achieved with a rigorous and challenging curriculum, small class sizes, a place where everyone knows and nurtures your child, core virtues/character education as an integral part of your child's day, outstanding extra curricular music (band, orchestra and chamber orchestra), chorale and yearly musical productions, yearly Middle School class trips, creative electives including Art, Music, PE, Spanish and Technology for K-8 and even more elective offerings in our middle school.
We provide an Independent school type of education, without the tuition!
After school care is available on site by Adventures in Child Care.

For more information and to schedule a private tour, contact Kate Collier, Enrollment Secretary at (303) 670-1070. Applications for first round choice enrollment starts January 5th! Don't delay-we often have waiting lists!

RMAE also has a wonderful preschool program-for more information or to arrange a tour, contact Stephanie at the RMAE preschool at (303) 670-3447 ext. 5.

We hope that you will come visit and give Rocky Mountain Academy of Evergreen your consideration as you select the best school of choice for your child!

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02 Jan 2011 14:30 #2 by tuiuiu01
While RMAE uses an outstanding curriculum, its admission process is less than transparent and ethically questionable. On one hand, the information posted on the website indicates that the waitlists are purged by September 1 of each year and that parents whose children were not admitted must reapply the following year and that the school doesn't admit anyone past this date. On the other hand, what the school doesn't tell you, is that they have a 'unpublicized' admission policy where certain families not on the waitlist may bypass anyone placed on the waitlist (at the school discretion) and may even be accepted past the September 1 cutoff. This happened to us! We were on the waitlist two years in a row and never made it in. We were told that we were too far on the list to have a chance of being admitted and that we had to apply for the following year. Shortly thereafter,we found out that the school admitted children in the same grade as the grade we sought admission for who were not even on the said waitlist. When we questioned this practice, the school informed us that they indeed proceeded with admitting students past the deadline that were not originally on the waitlist and that they were sorry this had affected our family. We asked them to correct the information on their website so that future interested families would know that the cutoff and the waitlist mean absolutely nothing, but the director refused to do so. He simply stated that the information was fine as it was and added that RMAE was just not meant for our family. Needless to say, we decided to never seek admission again as we would never have felt comfortable being associated with an educational institution with such unethical practices.

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