Building Your Dream Home - Tips - Phase Two

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PHASE TWO: INFRASTRUCTURE - Installing infrastructure such as electrical systems, water, and waste water systems during the construction of your dream home requires careful planning and execution.

In an established subdivision, connecting to the local power grid typically involves paying fees to tap into the electrical grid or poles. Following this, a transformer box and meter will be installed to facilitate power distribution. However, if you're building in mountainous terrain, bringing power to your site requires coordination with the utility company to install power poles. Once the poles are in place, a transformer box and meter will be installed to enable power distribution to your site.

When considering wastewater management, homeowners generally have two primary options: connecting to the city sewer system or installing a septic system. If connecting to city sewer, the process involves obtaining permits, liaising with contractors, and covering the tap fee. If installing a septic system, it entails hiring a reputable septic company. They handle everything from pulling permits and designing the system to ensuring it passes all necessary inspections. It's worth noting that the cost for either of these systems can vary significantly, influenced by factors such as soil conditions, local regulations, and other site-specific considerations.

Water access is a hot commodity in Colorado. You have two options: tap into city/community water or install a well. For city/community water, pay the tap fee, hire a professional for infrastructure installation, permit acquisition, and inspection clearance. For a well, obtain a permit from the Division of Water. Most permits are for household use, with exemptions for watering animals or greenhouses. Depending on acreage, a domestic well granting additional usage rights may be possible. Hire a qualified well company for drilling, water quality testing, permitting, infrastructure installation, and inspection.

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* This is a very brief overview of the building process and does not include the entire process

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