wxgeek's weather-High Flood Potential Next 48 Hours

29 Jul 2014 06:57 #1 by RenegadeCJ
Seems strange to be in the Midwest and it being drier and cooler than in Colorado, but it's a changing world. It seems our record precipitation in July will continue to mount, as the next 48 hours appears to be very wet. Monsoon moisture is streaming north from Mexico, while a couple of weak upper level disturbances will move across the top of the upper ridge across CO. The combination of a very moist atmosphere will combine with features that will wring out as much moisture as possible.

Precip likely to begin by late Tuesday morning and intensify into the afternoon and evening hours. Storm motion will be from the northwest at 5-10 mph, so slow storm motion will lead to high flash flood potential. Storms could persist into overnight hours Tuesday night, especially across the Urban Corridor and plains. Rainfall totals of 1-3 inches possible through midnight Tuesday night. More storms expected to develop Wednesday and persist into Wednesday evening, so 48 hour precip totals of 3-5 inches possible across the foothills into the plains, which may lead to extensive and possibly damaging flooding in prone areas, as soils are already nearly saturated.

By Thursday, precip should return to more normal pattern of afternoon and evening showers and thunderstorms with lower precip amounts, but yet still more precip will be possible into this weekend and beyond.

So far this July, rainfall at my location on Conifer Mountain has been nearly 4 inches, which is the most July rainfall since moving here in 2006, as normal is about 3 inches at my location. Everyone should be prepared for heavy rain and the possibility of localized flooding and adverse driving conditions the next 48 hours. Power outages will also be possible.

"Climatology is what you expect, Weather is what you get".

"It is better to be roughly right than precisely wrong".

Too bad future generations aren't here to see all the great things we are spending their $$ on!!

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29 Jul 2014 17:38 #2 by LOL
Right now looks like Fort Collins and North is getting hammered according to the Radar.

If you want to be, press one. If you want not to be, press 2

Republicans are red, democrats are blue, neither of them, gives a flip about you.

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29 Jul 2014 17:57 #3 by pacamom
Denver too. Highways and intersections flooded. Saw some pictures earlier you could barely make out the skyline of Denver and the photographer wasn't that far away.

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29 Jul 2014 18:03 #4 by Mtn Gramma
Raining here, not torrential, just a nice steady rain.

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