CO Avalanche Information Center Front Range: Moderate-Low Risk Nov 17

17 Nov 2020 11:20 #1 by MountainTownAlerts
CAIC:Statewide Info @COAvalancheInfo
#CAICFrontRange MOD (2 of 5) You can trigger an avalanche on slopes facing north, northeast, and east. The most dangerous slopes are those with the best coverage. Avoid steep slopes that look smooth and sculpted by the wind.


The places you can find deep enough snow to slide or ride upon are the same places where you can trigger a small avalanche. Many places there's just too little snow, but on upper elevation wind-loaded slopes that face north or northeast consider that small avalanches have been triggered each of the last few days, particularly near the Continental Divide. These slab avalanches are breaking one to two feet deep, which is plenty to knock you off your feet.

Watch out for wind-loaded slopes, particularly those with a thin layer of weak snow buried near the ground. Your best bet is to choose lower angled terrain without steeper terrain above. If you can find snow covered southerly terrain that's another good option for safer riding.

Please remember to recreate responsibly, including following state and local public health orders and social distancing recommendations

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