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27 Jan 2013 19:34 #1 by 285_Corridor_Tea_Party
A lot has happened since our last meeting. Most notable, of course, are some very disappointing election results, but the real question is "What can we do about it?" Please join us next Monday as we consider the election, other recent events, and plan a course of action.

There will be something for everyone. Topics include:
Colorado Voter Fraud - According to RedState.com, four Colorado counties had more voters than people. In Denver, one registered voter was 211 years old. You don't need dead people to vote when you can live to be 211.
Presidential Elections - What really happened? Do you know about Orca and Narwhal?
3rd Party Not what you might think... The WSJ recently reported that President Obama's political machine is taking unprecedented steps to position itself as a more powerful alternative to the Democrat Party.
2nd Amendment battles - The implications of Sandy Hook, Joe Biden's Gun Control Task Force, and Sen. Feinstein's gun ban proposal.
2012 Election Results - Federal, State, and Local. Who were the winners and losers?
Surprise Conservative Success Stories - Michigan would become a Right-To-Work state? Exit poll data shows support for Barack Obama AND the conservative philosophy?[/ul]
Monday's meeting has two goals:
    To review political changes since October 2012.
    To set an agenda for the year to come.
Moving forward, we'll discuss an agenda for 2013. What can the 285 Corridor Tea Party do to make a difference in the year to come? Possible initiatives include:
Voter Fraud
2nd Amendment - What can we do to stop the Obama/Biden machine from destroying the 2nd Amendment?
Illegal Immigration
Meetings & Speakers - What topics and speakers would you like to see in 2013? [/ul]
As a reminder, we meet on the 4th Monday of every month at the Mountain Resource Center in Conifer, CO. For more information, directions, and a map, please visit our web site at: http://www.285teaparty.com/

You can link directly to information about this event at: http://www.285teaparty.com/events/285-c ... 2-10-22-2/

Or, please feel free to email us at: .

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