Announcing the Alpine Rescue Safety Fair on October 15, 2016

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Are You Prepared for the Backcountry This Winter?
Come to the Alpine Rescue Team Safety Fair and find out!

Sat., Oct 15 Noon – 5 pm
Alpine Rescue Team Headquarters
28802 Rainbow Hill Rd, Evergreen, CO 80439

Get the knowledge. Get the gear. Head out prepared.
Join us for free, educational talks & demonstrations from local experts. All ages and skill levels welcomed.
  • 12:00-1:00 “I Was Rescued,” by authors Brad and Melissa McQueen
  • 1:00-1:30 Basic Map and Compass
  • 1:30-2:00 Cell Phone, Personal Locator Beacons and GPS
  • 2:00-2:30 The “11 Essentials”
  • 2:30-3:00 The Boy Scout Merit Badge
  • 3:00-3:30 Mountain Weather
  • 3:30-4:00 Using Avalanche Transceiver
  • 4:00-5:00 Avalanche Awareness: The Essentials
You can meet Search and Rescue Dogs of Colorado’s canine searchers, and see Flight for Life-Colorado’s helicopter from 2:00 to 3:00 – you will be able to look inside! The fair will also feature the Clear Creek County Sheriff’s snowcat which you can climb inside. And Chris Tomer will demonstrate the technology of KWGN-CW2’s “Pinpoint Weather Beast” mobile TV weather truck.

The Colorado Mountain Club will have information about their hiking groups, and safety and climbing classes.

Several generous sponsors will show their products, including: PMI Rope, Deuter/Ortovox, Mac Van Publishing, Recco, NMotion Unmanned Aerial Systems, Backcountry Access, Colorado Mountain Club, Clear Creek Outdoors, Mountain Man Fruit and Nut, MyMountainTown.Com and Truewerk.

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Alpine Safety Fair Class Room Discussion Overview

12:00 to 1:00 – I was rescued! by Brad and Melissa McQueen.

In May, 2001, the author of “ Exposed: Tragedy & Triumph in Mountain Climbing ” and his wife were stranded overnight on Mount Evans during a freak late-spring blizzard. Melissa punched through snow into a creek and ended up spending the night out in the cold, with her feet bare. She suffered severe frostbite on both feet and had to have eight of her toes amputated. Hear what worked for them and what did not.

Brad McQueen – Brad is an avid hiker and climber and is a partner in the Denver-based CPA firm, EKS&H, where he audits public and private companies in a variety of industries. Brad is also an adjunct professor at the University of Denver where he teaches auditing. He has climbed all of Colorado’s 14,000-foot peaks (275 Colorado 14er summits actually!) along with other mountains in the United States and abroad (Mt. Rainier, The Grand Teton, Kilimanjaro, Cotopaxi & Antisana). He is a member of the American Alpine Club and currently serves on the Boards of Directors of Volunteers for Outdoor Colorado, a leading statewide stewardship organization and Colorado Fourteeners Initiative, an organization working to protect and preserve Colorado’s highest peaks.

Melissa McQueen – Melissa is a passionate educator and outdoors person. She has climbed 15 of Colorado’s 14,000-foot peaks and 19,330-foot Mt. Kilimanjaro in addition to attempts on Mt. Rainier and the Grand Teton. Her frostbite story was first told on Colorado Public Radio’s “Here’s What Happened” program and she was featured in Backpacker Magazine’s 2012 Survivor Edition. She unofficially holds large numbers of “firsts” and “speed records” for two-toed people. She is a member of the American Alpine Club and volunteers each summer with Big City Mountaineers, taking groups of inner city high school girls on their first backpacking trips.

Purchase on
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Alpine Safety Fair Class Room Discussion Overview, Continued:
1:00 to 1:30 – Basic Map and Compass, by Scott Grotheer.
This brief overview will discuss general concepts that you need to know when using a map and compass. Learn about reading a map and learn about the three norths.

Scott Grotheer has more than 25 years of experience with rescue teams associated with the Mountain Rescue Association. He has more than 40 years wanderings around the woods of Colorado bringing him valuable personal experience in navigation and survival in the mountains. Scott has worked for the United States Geological Survey since 1995 in water quality assessment. He has enjoyed teaching map and compass to SAR folks and the public during his entire SAR career.

1:30 – 2:00 – Cell Phone, Personal Locator Beacons (PLBs) and GPS use in the mountains, by Lynda Wacht.
Get an overview of how these devices work, or don’t work, in the mountains.

Lynda Wacht has been a member of Alpine Rescue Team for nine years. She’s lived in Colorado for fifteen years and has extensive climbing experience and has climbed all over the world, including Switzerland, Italy, Tanzania and Nepal. She is also an ultra runner for seven years and has run in Europe, Reunion Island, Cuba and British Columbia. From a different perspective, she has also been rescued off a couple of peaks, including Longs Peak.
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Alpine Safety Fair Class Room Discussion Overview, Continued:

2:00 – 2:30 – The 11 Essentials, by Howard Paul.
Learn the 10 essentials of survival and the most important, but often overlooked, “11th essential.”

Howard Paul is a 30-year member of Alpine and has participated in nearly 500 rescue missions. He is a past president of Colorado’s statewide SAR organization and a past director of the US’ national SAR association. As a media liaison for both and for Alpine, at the national, state and local level he deals with the news media on breaking news, long-duration SAR missions and public policy issues. Paul immensely enjoys teaching both the public and SAR colleagues and has taught at more than 20 national and state SAR and EMS conferences. He has received several national, state and team awards for his service in SAR.

2:30 – 3:00 – Introduction to Boy Scout SAR Merit Badge by Steve Wilson.
Learn about the process to obtain the Boy Scout Search and Rescue merit badge.

Steve Wilson is a 19 year veteran of Alpine Rescue Team. During that time, he has served as Equipment Director, Training Director and Public Information Officer and in many other ancillary roles. For the past five years he has been one of Alpine’s Mission Coordinators. When he is not participating in Alpine trainings and missions, he works as a materials engineer or is having a good time with wife, fellow Alpine member Dawn and their two awesome children Hunter and Evan.
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Alpine Safety Fair Class Room Discussion Overview, Continued:

3:00 – 3:30 – Mountain Weather by Chris Tomer.
Learn about the nuances of mountain weather versus “Denver” weather.

Meteorologist Chris Tomer forecasts weather for KDVR FOX-31 and KWGN Channel 2 in Denver. You can watch him on Channel 2’s Daybreak morning show Monday-Friday 5 AM to 9 AM. He earned a Bachelor of Science degree in meteorology from Valparaiso University graduating cum laude with minors in mathematics and broadcasting. Tomer specializes in mountain meteorology. In his free time, Tomer climbs mountains, trail runs and snow skis. He has climbed all of Colorado’s 14ers and continues climbing them year-round by new routes. Tomer is also a private consulting meteorologist with his company Tomer Weather Solutions . He has forecast for more than 50 skiing and mountaineering teams around the world in the last 10 years with a 98% summit success rate. Some of the peaks include Everest, Gasherbrum 2, Shishapangma, Denali, Peak Lenin, Aconcagua, Point 11,300 and Mount Hunter. Tomer forecasts for ski areas around the world and is privately contracted by as lead forecaster. He is the bestselling co-author of Sleeping on the Summits: Colorado Fourteener High Bivys .

3:30 – 4:00 – Using Avalanche Transceivers, by Dan Hamm.
Learn the basics about transceiver use. What’s the difference between beacons and transceivers?

Dan Hamm has 14 years of service with Alpine Rescue Team in all areas of rescues, searches and avalanches. Specifically, five of those years Dan has participated on the elite Avalanche Deployment Team, which consists of specially trained members for avalanche detection, searches and recovery. Dan works monthly with Flight For Life, the helicopter ambulance service at St. Anthony Hospital and holds both Avy 1 and Avy 2 credentials.

4:00 – 5:00 – Avalanche Awareness: The Essentials, by Dale Atkins.
Learn about avalanches, preparedness and having fun.

Longtime Alpine Rescue Team member Dale has more than 30 years of working with and around avalanches. He trains and works with avalanche professionals and mountain rescuers around the world. He has extensive avalanche knowledge and experience as a rescuer, forecaster, researcher, educator and technology developer while working in recreation, industry and government. Dale has served as vice president of the Avalanche Rescue Commission for the International Commission for Alpine Rescue and is a past president of the American Avalanche Association .

Alpine Rescue Team (ART) is dedicated to saving lives through search, rescue, and mountain safety education. Our members are highly trained non-paid professional rescue-mountaineers based in Evergreen. ART is a 501(c)3 organization and donations are tax deductible.
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On our tarmac tomorrow, 13 backcountry safety oriented vendors will be there showing their wares. In addition, rounding out the program, there will be a number of exhibitors, presenting topics of interest to the public as they tour the tarmac, including:
Channel 2 news will have their Weather SUV available for public viewing. Throughout the afternoon, Ch. 2 will be making presentations at the vehicle regarding mountain weather, where to find current weather for hiking in the wilderness, etc. Chris Tomer, an internationally recognized meteorologist who has been the weather consultant for many international expeditions including on Mt Everest, will make a half hour presentation in our classroom.

SARDOC - Search and Rescue Dogs of Colorado - presenting an overview and demo with the dogs

Flight for Life medical helicopter – will do a live landing and be on site with a brief presentation at the bird about their services in the area.

Clear Creek County Sheriff , Jefferson County Sheriff , and Gilpin County Sheriff departments will each participate with officers and vehicles and will be discussing hiking in their respective counties, etc.

Alpine Rescue Team on Ocelot Peak, 2012.

CCSO Snowcat by John Kyler
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Our vendors:
PMI Rope
Founded in LaFayette, GA in 1976, PMI manufactures life safety rope and related gear. We manufacture rope and many other products in our facility in LaFayette, GA. Our ropes and gear are used by firefighters, first responders, rescue teams, rope technicians, cavers, and climbers worldwide.

Functional Merino Mountainwear, Swisswool insulation Mountainwear.

Avalanche Transceivers, Avalanche Backpacks & Backpacks for Freeride / Skitouring / Climbing / Alpine, Alpine Safety Equipment (shovels, probes, bivi bags, first-aid).

Beanies/ Headbands, Gloves, 

Socks/ Hut Shoes, Belts / Suspenders.

Macvan Map Company
In-store and online: US State and City maps, United States Geological Survey and Bureau of Land Management maps, local and state trail maps, state and city atlases, US and world wall maps, International travel maps, globes, guide books, children's maps, compasses, magnifiers, and map tools.
Specializing in Colorado recreational maps for hiking, biking, hunting, fishing, camping, 4WD and more!

Recco Advanced Rescue Technology
Developed for avalanche rescue, the RECCO® Rescue System is used by more than 700 rescue organizations worldwide to find buried avalanche victims.

The two-part system consists of a RECCO® detector used by organized rescue groups and RECCO® reflectors that are integrated into outerwear, helmets, protection gear and boots from hundreds of top outdoor brands. The reflector is permanently attached, requires no training and no batteries to function. It is always “on” and ready.

RECCO® reflectors do not prevent avalanches nor do they guarantee location or survival in the event of a burial, but they enable organized rescue teams to pinpoint the person’s precise location.

NMotion Unmanned Aerial Systems
We are a team of trusted public safety professionals and veterans here to support various customer needs regarding Unmanned Aerial Systems & Services.

To equip Clients with our subject matter expertise and support their success with unmanned aerial technology and its benefits to their teams and organizations.

Backcountry Access, Inc.
At BCA, our mission is to save lives, not just pump products. As a leader in our industry, we need to be responsible about sending people into the backcountry. They need to be equipped not just with products, but with education.

Avalanche Safety Equipment, Research and Education.
We pride ourselves on being the “knowledge leaders” of our industry. A visit to our research page shows that we’ve been doing our homework. Developing products and saving lives must be grounded in research and reality. When we talk about “fresh tracks” and “fresh ideas,” we’re not just talking about skiing powder and developing products. We’re talking about our whole approach to snow safety, rooted in thorough research and placed in proper context with even more important things like education and knowledge.

Colorado Mountain Club
The Colorado Mountain Club is the state’s leading organization dedicated to adventure, recreation, conservation and education. Founded in 1912, the CMC has helped Coloradans enjoy the mountains for more than a century. The Club acts as a gateway to the outdoors for novices and experts alike, offering an array of year-round activities and events centered on hiking, mountaineering, backpacking, snowshoeing, rock climbing, ice climbing, bicycling, fly fishing, backcountry skiing, international trekking and more.

Clear Creek Outdoors
Clear Creek Outdoors is a Colorado-owned outdoor shop located in Idaho Springs; close to some of the best streams and rivers for seasoned and veteran anglers alike and just down the road from the bulk of Colorado's ski and snowboard resorts.

Mountain Man Nut & Fruit Co
Evergreen Mountain Man Nut & Fruit Co is located in the heart of downtown Evergreen, Colorado. We provide fun and innovative gift and gift basket ideas for our Evergreen Mountain Community residents, and our visitors from around the world.

My Mountain Town
My Mountain Town is a welcoming community website serving the mountain communities west of Denver, Colorado, including, but not limited to: Morrison, Kittredge, Indian Hills, Conifer, Pine, Bailey, Evergreen, Shawnee, Grant, Jefferson, Fairplay, and South Park in Jefferson and Park Counties. We are the place to go when you want to:
• connect with neighbors
• discuss the latest news
• check local traffic and weather
• get the latest emergency information
• catch that meeting you missed last night
• sell or buy anything
• find local businesses
• find a lost pet
• and more!

We believe that Americans tackling demanding jobs in adverse conditions should have technical clothing that reinforces the precision, persistence and professionalism with which they carryout their work.

We started with systems currently used by elite military personnel and professional mountain guides, and we optimized them for use in modern professional trades - from surveyors and rope access technicians, to solar panel installers, roofers and heavy equipment operators.

In contrast to heavy-weight denim and canvas clothing, our modern designs are lightweight, breathable, warm when wet, resistant or impervious to the elements and offer 4-way stretch, which enables performance fits with increased comfort and mobility. All crafted with the strong, durable and hard-wearing character personified by today's finest workers.
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