Jeffco Commissioners to Host Telephone Town Hall on May 8

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The Jefferson County Board of Commissioners will host a Telephone Town Hall on Wednesday, May 8 from 6:30-7:30 p.m. This popular way to reach out has helped the commissioners stay in touch with thousands of Jefferson County residents; provide a platform for asking questions of the board; and, provide feedback to the commissioners on issues facing the county. Typically, the county calls between 50,000-100,000 Jeffco residents.

During this one-hour, over the phone meeting, Commissioners Libby Szabo, Lesley Dahlkemper and Casey Tighe will discuss topics related to the county's budget and financial challenges. Phone calls will be made to those who pre-registered and to randomly selected phone numbers in Jeffco. If you would like to pre-register, you can do so online or you can text JEFFCO to 828282. Simply click the green 'Sign Up' button on the top right corner of the page.
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Replied by Mountain-News-Events on topic Jeffco Commissioners to Host Telephone Town Hall on May 8

From the Jefferson County Sheriff's Office:

JCSO Instructed to Reduce 2020 Budget by 7%
Total Impact Is Approximately $10 Million

The Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office may be required to decrease jail beds by as much as 44% to meet a proposed 2020 budget reduction.

Earlier this month, Sheriff Jeff Shrader received instructions from the Jefferson County Manager’s Office to reduce the Sheriff’s Office 2020 budget by 7%, or $6.7 million. In addition to reducing jail capacity by 400 – 600 beds, potential impacts of this directive include:

• Eliminating the U.S. Marshal contract for jail beds, a $1.8 million revenue loss
• Keeping job vacancies open to reduce personnel costs

Beginning this year, the county also implemented a new policy that charges termination pay-outs back to the affected department, while also taking vacancy savings from the affected department, resulting in an additional $1.3 million impact to the Sheriff’s Office budget. This, combined with the proposed 7% cut and the loss of the U.S. Marshal contract, results in an almost $10 million decrease to the JCSO’s 2020 budget.

Local police chiefs, community members, and other public safety stakeholders agree with Sheriff Shrader that “it is imperative the County engage in a prioritization solution to the 2020 budget deficit rather than pursing across-the-board cuts that will have a significant and regrettable effect on the public’s safety,” as illustrated above.

At an April 23rd presentation to the Board of County Commissioners, the sheriff explained his concerns and described how the proposed budget cuts will affect the community. The sheriff also committed to being an active participant in helping Jefferson County identify a suitable solution to address next year’s budget deficit that does not result in lay-offs to Sheriff’s personnel nor compromise our ability to ensure Jefferson County is a safe place for all people to live, learn, work, and play.

Board of County Commissioners Hearing April 23, 2019 during which Sheriff Shrader presented the above, and more. There was also testimony from John McDonald, the leader of Jefferson County Public Schools Department of Safety, and others.
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Replied by ScienceChic on topic Jeffco Commissioners to Host Telephone Town Hall on May 8

Okay, I'm going to get on my soapbox here because this is where the rubber meets the road and we have to rise up to meet our responsibilities. The Jefferson County Sheriff's Office shared a post (previous post) on Facebook regarding the fact that they have been requested by the Jeffco Board of County Commissioners to cut their budget. In reading through the comments, I'm seeing people reacting emotionally without necessarily indicating that they understand the full complexity of the financial issues that the county faces (e.g. mandated spending, the effects of TABOR/De-Brucing, contracts, the U.S. Marshalls Program, etc).

Now, I'm going to state upfront that I absolutely back the Jefferson County Sheriff's Office, they are professionally run and have done a tremendous job serving our communities and keeping us safe. I am troubled that this request could hamper their ability to function as effectively as they have. That being said, I also 100% support the Commissioners adhering to a balanced budget, spending only what they take in, and understand that they sometimes have to make difficult decisions when looking at the overall picture. I think we would all agree that the last thing we want is our county going into the red (which I don't believe is even permitted, legally).

Now, this is where we all come in. The Sheriff and the Commissioners presented some of the details of the difficulties that they face at today's BOCC Hearing:

The Jeffco Board of County Commissioners will be holding a Telephone Town Hall meeting on May 8th regarding the budget and residents are welcome to listen and ask questions. I have listened in on the past 2 that they've held and I can tell you that their financial reductions and how they've tried to wrestle with them are nothing new. I urge you all, please, please listen to the 1.5 hr hearing today, research the budget issues, and consider what your priorities are - overall, not just JCSO - and make it a priority to participate in the upcoming Telephone Town Hall. Pretend it's your household's yearly budget and what do you prioritize once you've figured out how much you'll make, how much each thing you want will cost, and what should you do? Here are the recent county budgets: Yes, they're long, yes they're boring, but do you want to simply complain that you think our representatives aren't serving us well, or do you want to educate yourself on the problems, and give input as to how your tax dollars are spent?

If you can't attend that evening, be sure to send your comments and questions to our Commissioners. As I've mentioned ad nauseum before, our government serves us only as well as we actively participate, and that takes time and effort. It's not sexy, it's not fun (well, it is for some of us), :) but it is essential.

Thank you to all of you who get involved. With many minds and hands helping out, there's no problem we can't solve!

<off soapbox>
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Replied by ldahlkemper on topic Jeffco Commissioners to Host Telephone Town Hall on May 8

My worst fear for my high school daughter is not whether she has an F in a course... or skipped a class. It's this. Yesterday, the lives of students, parents and staff at a nearby STEM school in Highlands Ranch were forever altered. One student is dead. Several students are injured - some with critical wounds.

Our children should come home to us at the end of the school day. One family is grieving a devastating loss that no family should endure. Other families are holding their hospitalized children's hands with the hope they will be OK.

And what about school staff? They willingly become human shields because they love. our. children. Thank you to our teachers, paras, principals and school staff. Thank you to the first responders who arrived - and engaged - immediately. Thank you to those who actively work every day to prevent harm to our children.

We each have a critical role to play no matter where we sit. Please engage, advocate and hold us - your elected officials - accountable. Above all, let's work together to prevent another senseless tragedy in our schools.

Please join us for two opportunities this week to share concerns, ideas and questions about issues affecting Jefferson County - from public safety to the budget and more. See details below. I hope you'll join us for these critical conversations.

With warm regards,


Telephone Town Hall with Jeffco Commissioners
6:30-7:30 p.m.
Jeffco is facing $16 million in 2020 budget reductions. Learn more and ask questions!

Civics and Stouts with Commissioner Dahlkemper & Rep. Cutter
Thursday, May 16
5:30-7 p.m.
Flying Pig Burger Company
5935 S. Zang St.
Littleton CO 80127

Evergreen Town Hall with Commissioners Dahlkemper and Tighe, Sen. Story & Rep. Cutter Saturday, June 8
10:30 a.m. - 12 p.m.
Buchanan Rec Center
32003 Ellingwood Trail
Evergreen CO 80439
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
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