CO bills allocate tens of millions of dollars for wildfire mitigation grants

09 Feb 2022 19:52 #1 by RotaryWildfireReady
Many thanks to our district rep, Representative Lisa Cutter, for her leadership on these bills! Along with the Wildfire Insurance Bill, much is being proposed that will directly and positively impact our mountain communities. Please let your elected officials know that you'd like them to support their passage!

If passed, House Bills 1007, 1011 and 1012 would establish three separate grant programs, all intended to increase wildfire mitigation efforts through financial incentives. The Wildfire Matters Review Committee brought forth the three bills, plus two others focusing on increasing resources for volunteer firefighters and creating wildfire awareness campaigns.

“There’s just so much we need to do in the state in terms of wildfire,” said Rep. Lisa Cutter, committee chair and sponsor of four of the bills in the wildfire package, including HB-1011 and HB-1012.

Colorado bills allocate tens of millions of dollars for wildfire mitigation grants
In our mountain communities, wildfires are a major hazard. Residents are urged to take steps now to assess their wildfire risk, safeguard their homes and prepare for wildfire. You not only increase the safety of your property, but more importantly, you increase the safety of your family. We can help! See our website for helpful resources and information.

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