Can AI detect wildfires more quickly? Colorado hopes to find out.

04 Feb 2023 22:02 #1 by RotaryWildfireReady
We've been a proponent of these cameras, and been working with local companies for over 2 years now, to set them up on various mountains that would provide coverage for our Foothills area. We're very excited to see this legislation being passed in Colorado! Please contact your representatives and urge them to vote for this bill.

"Denver • A year after the most destructive wildfire in the state’s history scorched nearly 1,100 homes, Colorado lawmakers are considering joining other Western states by adopting artificial intelligence in the hopes of detecting blazes before they burn out of control.

A Colorado Senate committee on Thursday unanimously voted to move forward a bill to create a $2 million pilot program that would station cameras on mountaintops, and use artificial intelligence to monitor the footage and help detect early signs of a wildfire. The bill will move to the state Senate Appropriations Committee next.

“It can detect just a wisp of smoke and it’s that type of situation in remote areas that could save forests and homes and properties and lives,” Democratic state Sen. Joann Ginal, one of the bill’s sponsors, said in the hearing."

Can AI detect wildfires more quickly? Colorado hopes to find out.
In our mountain communities, wildfires are a major hazard. Residents are urged to take steps now to assess their wildfire risk, safeguard their homes and prepare for wildfire. You not only increase the safety of your property, but more importantly, you increase the safety of your family. We can help! See our website for helpful resources and information.

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