A Possible Scenario: Trump Wins Prez, Hillary Is His VP. It Can Happen!!

05 Nov 2016 11:32 - 05 Nov 2016 11:33 #1 by tfoster2000
It all comes down to numbers: To win the US Presidency, a candidate must win at least half of the electoral college votes (US citizens don't directly elect a president, the electoral college does). With 538 votes possible, half would be 269. So to win you must have more than half, or 270+. But hold on, there is a third party candidate who is making a big push in Utah, Evan McMullin. If he wins Utah, he gets all of their electoral votes, which is 6. So with some quick math, He gets 6 (Utah does not split electoral votes like Maine and Nebraska do), Hillary gets 269, and Trump gets 263. No one wins!!

So, according to our Constitution, if a Presidential candidate does not win the majority of the electoral college votes, the election is decided by the House of Representatives between the top 3 (it happened once in 1824. John Quincy Adams won). Since the House has a Republican majority they more than likely would vote for Trump and he would be our next President. The VP gets elected by the Senate between the top 3 candidates. Although the Senate has a Republican majority, a compromise vote for Hillary is a real scenario since she had more electoral college votes in the general election. So, Hillary Clinton would be Donald Trump's VP. We would get both of them!!

The third scenario is that the House (being completely mad at Trump) would vote for McMullin and the other 2 terrible candidates would have to go away forever (my favorite scenario).

My prediction: The Donald wins the Presidency and Hillary is his VP!! Say you heard it from me first !!

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06 Nov 2016 08:27 #2 by FredHayek
I predict Hillary will win. She has Wall Street and the DC old boy network on her side. :capitolhill

President Obama: Never underestimate Joe Biden's ability to f*** things up.

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06 Nov 2016 11:09 #3 by ScienceChic
Gee tfoster2000, thanks for the nightmares. :biggrin:

"Now, more than ever, the illusions of division threaten our very existence. We all know the truth: more connects us than separates us. But in times of crisis the wise build bridges, while the foolish build barriers. We must find a way to look after one another as if we were one single tribe.” -King T'Challa, Black Panther

The truth is incontrovertible. Malice may attack it. ignorance may deride it, but in the end, there it is. ~Winston Churchill

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