Raise Your Hand if You Want To Lose

Replied by Rick on topic Raise Your Hand if You Want To Lose

I understand the point that we have to treat people who are sick, even if they are here illegally. I also understand and agree that we have to take care of the children that are dragged here in order to be a ticket to entry.

What I don't understand is the complete lack of common sense on the left. If we advertise that we will give free health care and that we have to release everybody after only 7 days (another moronic liberal judge just made possible)... do you not see the giant magnet that creates that will make the real crisis even worse?

I'd just like to know what would be a better strategy than deterring illegal entry in as many ways as possible while at the same time making legal entry an easier path. I know the legal part hasn't been talked about much by either side but it should be. What we don't want to do is to encourage everybody on the planet to come across our border by advertising our stupidity.
What other country is this inept when it comes to managing illegal immigration?
02 Jul 2019 20:59 #11

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