game plan A and game plan B

10 Sep 2019 09:57 #1 by homeagain

Ramage......request to discuss recent events.....I'm in.

THAT beings said, you should understand just WHERE my mindset rests.....I am a proactive person, operating in a REACTIVE world.

The above link takes THAT thought and follows it to a proactive conclusion. The links that I have been providing are a PROACTIVE piece
of the is my M.O. to allow two options at ALL TIMES (if possible).

''THE WAY PEOPLE GIVE AWAY THEIR POWER, IS TO THINK THEY HAVE NONE''.....Alice Walker. It took my a VERY long time to learn that.

What is the adage......LUCK is really preparation meeting opportunity. Being prepared is something that is second nature to those who have lived in the mountains forever.... OR ALASKA....(1955-65 and 1999-2001).....and IF you were born in ALASKA,you KNOW preparation is
your VERY life.

S-O-O, when you engage with me, understand I view things in an independent and inquiring nature.

I have attempted to provide you with an understanding of the underlying factors we are presently experiencing...The Fourth Turning, Bannon
and HIS influence and also metaphysics (astrology). YET, you believe me to be chicken little......can't help THAT.....your perception is
your prerogative.

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