Citizens push back against Reproductive Health Equity Act (RHEA)

01 Jun 2022 12:20 #1 by Ahab1
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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE. May 2, 2022. Colorado. Colorado citizens are pushing back against Colorado legislator’s Reproductive Health Equity Act (RHEA) with their own proposal for voters to consider in the 2022 election. People’s Ballot Initiative 56: “Equal Protection of Every Living Child in Colorado” would make it “unlawful for any person to murder a child.”

“There are no exceptions,” says Angela Eicher a physical therapist and co-sponsor of the initiative, “It’s simple,” she says. “We protect all children equally from murder. Thereby, we also protect parents and society from the trauma and ripple effects of killing a child. Some may claim that killing a child somehow helps the child, the family, or perhaps society. This is a LIE. In fact, there are many victims when we don't protect children…. everybody involved. That's why we need a hard stop on it. This moral issue demands we speak the whole truth, not compromising with any of the lies which have been circulating for the past 50 years.

Initiative 56 answers RHEA, which the governor recently signed into law and which many Colorado voters believe goes too far. According to the Initiative’s website, gotaheart.ORG, “We want to help women like us avoid the pain of losing children by those who profit off taking them from us. We want to confront the lies we've been told that killing children helps women, or that tearing a child limb from limb is better for a child than living the one and only life they've been given. Whatever life they have, it matters to them. And it matters to us. Women cannot thrive if we are killing our children.”

The group needs 120,000 signatures by July 30th to get onto the ballot for voters to approve in the 2022 election this November. “We need a fast turn-around, for sure,” says co-sponsor Rebecca Greenwood, a schoolteacher in Eastern Colorado. “We’re trusting Coloradoans care about our children and our future. With current legislation, the time to act is now. We’re asking for anyone who cares about the welfare of children to help us make a difference in Colorado!”

The initiative cites the US Constitution “securing the blessings of liberty to our Posterity” and states that “Children shall be protected equally from murder and not discriminated against based on age or level of development.” The initiative states that “Every child deserves to live his or her one life to the fullest extent possible” and applies to a child “at any time prior to, during, or after birth while the child is under the age of 18 years”. The initiative does not apply to accidental death or a child no longer living.

“Our goal is Equal Protection of all living children without discrimination,” states the group’s spokeswoman, Faye Barnhart, who has spent the last several years helping women through overwhelming challenges and abuse. “It is never in a mother's best interest to kill her child, and never medically necessary to purposefully take the life of a child. We can always attempt to save lives,” she says. “This Initiative eliminates those profiting from taking the lives of children. It offers protection for women against further exploitation by encouraging them to seek the actual help they need to address specific obstacles so that mothers and children may live.”

For more information on the initiative or how to get involved: gotaheart.ORG .

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01 Jun 2022 12:38 #2 by homeagain

Our Centers

We are a faith-based, non-profit ministry arm of local congregations and the communities we serve motivated by love and committed to sharing the good news of Jesus Christ and offering practical helps with the information and resources women need to choose life for their children.

I have one question...will the above organization PAY FOR NICU,when a child can NOT survive outside the womb? Does the hospital "eat that cost"? (which u know we ALL END UP PAYING FOR) OR DOES THE ORGANIZATION FINANCIAL ASSIST ,TO THE TUNE OF hundreds of thousands of dollars???


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01 Jun 2022 13:40 #3 by FredHayek
I doubt this ballot measure has any chance in Colorado this and might actually hurt Republicans seeking state office.
There is a good chance many Democrats will not bother to mail in their ballots, but going against a proposal like this might get them motivated. Donating to pro-abortion candidates and giving money to Planned Parenthood.

President Obama: Never underestimate Joe Biden's ability to f*** things up.

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