18 Jun 2022 15:48 #1 by ramage
The WSJ today has an article on whether the U.S. should adopt year round Daylight Savings Time or Daylight Standard Time? I do not care what one's position is and what may be adopted if anything.
What concerns me is that Congress not only fails to debate the more "important" issues, such as $40 billion to Ukraine but now lets seemingly
smaller issues be consigned to the voice vote, no discussion, simply a vote ( much like Obama care in 2010). .
Really, what does Congress do? I mean both the Senate and the House. All fiscal issues are now done by continuing resolutions or votes on bills that no one in Congress has read and that they are asked to vote.
The Senate confirms a SOCTUS justice in anticipation of the retirement of one of the Justices. What if Beyer changes his mind, is Brown- Jackson now a justice-in-waiting? Or is her appointment good for any Justice?
Try this scenario, Justice Gorsuch is assassinated, Breyer changes his mind as to retirement. Does Brown-Jackson become the presumptive justice because she has already been confirmed by the Senate but under the thinking that Breyer is going to retire?

My point Congress has ceded its authority to the Executive and we are the poorer because of it.

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18 Jun 2022 21:44 #2 by FredHayek
I agree with you. Since WWII, the legislature has wimped out and let the executive branch get too much power. They let presidents declare war which used to be a congressional function.
We may need a strong Republican two term president just to get a Democrat Congress to take back power from the White House.

President Obama: Never underestimate Joe Biden's ability to f*** things up.

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22 Jun 2022 17:32 #3 by ramage
Once again, Congress punts. Agree or disagree with the "gun bill" that passed the Senate, you cannot be satisfied with the bypassing of any input. The 80 page bill was given to the Senators and they were told that a vote would be taken within the hour. No committee hearings, no floor discussion, no amendments could be offered.
Coryn and cocaine Mitch are chortling about the passage of the bill.

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