ANOTHER HALFdozen years or so...

04 Dec 2022 08:17 #1 by homeagain

well now....THE REAL REASON in black and white....
For male contraception drugs to succeed on the market, says Brian Nguyen, it's important for men to become better educated on what women go through.

"Men are often shielded from discussions about menstruation, pregnancy, labor, infertility. There's somewhat of a feeling of invulnerability among most men because they don't have to think about the need for contraception. And the only way to remedy that is by having more and more open conversations with men about reproduction, and their responsibility in a process that is not just a women's issue."

Women have been waiting for that mindset shift for a long time. But even if it doesn't happen right away for most heterosexual men, perhaps the freedom to skip the sheath will be motivation enough.

Why is it taking so long?

Page estimates it will be another seven to ten years before any of these new methods can be sold. So why have women had to shoulder so much of the responsibility for contraception for so long?

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05 Dec 2022 18:19 #2 by FredHayek
Even without male birth control, fertility rates continue to fall in most of the world. South Korea is down to .67. You need 2.2 to maintain population. Korea is looking at the population halving itself every 50 years. The US is also below replacement rate.

President Obama: Never underestimate Joe Biden's ability to f*** things up.

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