All the ghost stories for this season

All the ghost stories for this season was created by Local_Historian

I've been writing and researching so much, I got lax in posting the links to my articles. So here it is, a comprehensive list of all the ghost stories and haunted areas of Colorado that I got to this year. (we're a pretty haunted state!) I'm taking a rest for a couple days before getting into NaNoWriMo, but I hope you enjoy. And yes, there are several South park ghosties here in the list!

Here’s a reading list of haunted history stories about Colorado that you might enjoy:

Halloween, Haunting and History: the ghost tales of Colorado

Haunted Colorado: Mr. Pierce goes a gambling

Ghost Hunting Etiquette: how to properly treat historic sites

J.D. Hidgepath, the most amorous ghost of the rockies

The Ghostly Horsemen of Colorado – in two parts
Part One

Part Two

The demons of the Colorado Mountains

Haunted Colorado: The Dragon in the Gulch

Haunted Homes and Mansions throughout Colorado – in four parts
Part One
Part Two
Part Three
Part Four

The Ghosts of Sand Creek

Haunted Schools throughout Colorado – in three parts
Part One
Part Two
Part Three

Odd Places for Ghosts: Unusual Haunted Locations in Colorado

Haunted Train Stations in Colorado

The Ghosts on the Colorado Trains

Ghostly Trains and Haunted Rails: The Ghost Train of Marshall Pass

Ghostly Trains and Haunted Rails: Along the Denver, South park and Pacific Line

The Benevolent Ghosts of the Colorado Mines

The Tommyknockers of the Mamie R. Mine

The many Ghosts of Brownsville – in two parts
Part One
Part Two

And in case you crave more reading on the ghosts and haunted places of Colorado before next year, here’s a book list:

Enjoy and Happy Halloween!
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