What The Heck...?

What The Heck...? was created by Buster

What The Heck…

Dear Buster,

I have a question for you that has been bothering me for some time. Why do people say they own us?

What the Heck

Dear What the Heck,

Humans are funny creatures. They just don’t know it. They have a need to say they own or possess all kinds of things like animals and nature and even air. I think some are learning that they share and co-exist with all living creatures whether it’s people, animals or nature. But some humans still insist on saying that they own us.
I say look at their actions, they speak louder then their words. For instance, who makes food for whom? Who opens and closes doors for whom and in some cases puts a “special” door in? Who makes time in their schedule to go on walks?
Then there is the voice that your human pal uses only for you. Sometimes they will look side to side to check that no other human is around before they launch into there “special” voice. I could go on and on but you get the drift. I say, let our human friends say what they want with their titles that mean so much to them. Actions are where it’s at.
Hopefully that helps you out. For me, all this writing has spurred on my appetite. I’m off to send my human Mom her telepathic message…TREAT TIME.

Signed, Buster

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