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Zoey is an adorable Potcake puppy that came to us all the way from the Bahamas. Potcakes are island dogs that get their name from the bottom "cakes" of the locals' pots used to feed the stray dogs. Zoey's particular potcake is likely a Shepherd/Retriever mix. She's 9-10 weeks old and loves dog friends and toys.

If you are interested in Zoey, please fill out an online app by going to

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Hi! My name is Bella and I am a 15 week old American Bulldog Mix that flew over to the United States from the Bahamas a few short weeks ago. I had a very rough start in my short life as I ended up in a shelter at only 6 weeks old with a broken jaw and a broken leg. Since I've been in Colorado my life has been great! Lots of other foster dogs to play with, a warm bed every night, good food in my bowl twice a day - not to mention all the pets and hugs and kisses I get from everyone I meet! I'm almost 100% potty trained, and I love to run and play! I'm not crazy about the snow yet - Hey - I'm from the Bahamas after all! Maybe you can get me a sweater for this Colorado weather!? My favorite thing is to snuggle up in front of the heating vent or nap on the carpet where the sun shines in. I also snuggle sometimes with my Foster Mom when it's really cold at night or right after my bath so I stay warm and don't catch a cold. I have chew toys that are helping with my teething and I love to play fetch with my foster mom. I'm looking for my forever family who will continue my puppy training as well as love and care for me for the rest of my life!

If you are interested in Bella, please fill out an online app by going to

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Athena is an 18mo Pit Bull X. She was named after the Colorado 14'ner because she would make a great hiking companion. She has good energy for hiking, runs and walks. And such a pretty girl too with her blue/silver coat! She loves her excursions to the dog park where she can run and play. Athena was picked up by animal control as a stray but we are certain someone must have loved her because she is as sweet as they come. Athena has really learned a lot since she has been with us. She has a lot of energy but has learned not to jump up with excitement. Athena does great with the 3yr old granddaughter in her home as well, she just adores children! Athena lives with 3 other dogs and easily fit right in.She does great with dogs and is super playful with everyone she meets. She still needs to be fed by herself rather than with the other dogs because she eats very fast and will then eats everything else she can get her paws on. She also doesn't like to share her treats, so may want to keep that separate as well. But she is very very loving and takes food gently from your hand. She loves to give kisses and really enjoys running and playing. Athena is still in her puppy stages and loves to chew on things when unattended, so crating would be a good idea when you are away. Athena is clearly beautiful and such a sweet, playful girl. She would make a wonderful companion for any family and would give you lots of kisses and love in return. Come and meet her and you will fall in love! You can see her video at

If you are interested in Athena, please fill out an online app by going to

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Boogie (formerly Jasmine) is a 1yr Pit Bull X. She was found in a small rural town and no one ever came to claim her at the shelter. Now she is looking for a family to call her very own. We decided to call her Boogie because she didn't recognize "Jasmine" at all and she's got a little hitch in her giddy up that looks like a funny little boogie. Boogie is such a cute little thing at about 35-40lbs. So full of character and life and such a sweetheart. She loves people and is a happy, friendly girl. She does great with other dogs and wants them all to be her friend. She is very curious about cats, but not in an eating way, more in a "what are you?" kind of way. She was a shelter favorite and just a love bug. This is what foster dad had to say "She is super welcoming of all other dogs and does awesome with kids. She is curious about cats, but doesn't freak out and chase them. When she want some scratchin' she will rest the entire weight of her head and then some in your lap. She will cuddle on the couch with you, sleep in your bed, or even go in the crate if you ask her to." Boogie is super cute and has the best perky ears, she would love a family to run and play with as well as snuggle on the sofa with. If you think Boogie might be the girl for you, put in an app right away!

If you are interested in Boogie, please fill out an online app by going to

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Benny is a 1-1.5yr Brussels Griffon X. He was found in a small town and no one came to claim him. Benny is such a sweet boy. He is so nice and totally adorable. He loves people and a lap is the perfect place for him. He also does great with kids. He loves other dogs and is very friendly and doesn't even mind the kitties. He is completely housetrained, well behaved, and quiet. He has the cutest twirly dance when he is happy or would like a treat. There just any much else you could ask for. Benny is so cute (and has the best mohawk, although you have to create it yourself) and such a good boy, how could anyone resist that sweet face? All he needs now is that forever home and family to love. Put in an app today! You can see his video at

If you are interested in Benny, please fill out an online app by going to

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Pippy is an 8mo JRT/Brussels Griffon X. She was left at a shelter by her previous owner, only to be diagnosed with parvo. She has been treated and fully recovered She will not have any lasting health effects from Parvo. Pippy is just a typical, playful puppy. She loves nothing more than to run around and play with her toys. She loves her doggy friends and wants them to play with her as well. She does great with everyone. Even the cats are her friends. She thinks the snow is wonderful and jumps all around chasing it. She already knows the doggy door and is working on all of her manners. Pippy adores people. When she is not playing, she will jump on your lap and snuggle right in. Of couse she wants to sleep right in bed with you as well. She would do just fine with kids too. Pippy is super cute, sweet, playful, and loving - all the things you could ask for. She would make a great addition to any family and all she needs now is that forever home. Put in an app and come meet her!
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