Missing, Our Grey Cat

12 Sep 2018 19:35 #1 by cdg4ever
Our cat, Smokey Bear, has gone missing and I thought it was worth a try seeing if someone may have seen him or taken him in.
He is a lighter grey cat with some white on his paws and chest. I can not find any pictures of him that are recent but am including a picture of him when he was younger.
He has a clipped ear because we originally took him in as a stray kitten and the people that neutered him said we should have his ear clipped so others would know he had been fixed because he wasn't friendly at the time.
He became bonded to us and friendly after that though and has been with us for over 2 years now.
He has no collar or name tag on at this time unfortunately because he got it off and lost it not long ago.
We are all missing him terribly!!
If anyone thinks they may have seen him please let us know!
We live on Pleasant Park Rd. in Conifer.

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