COFA ATV Maintenance class April 27th Morrison 9:00 AM to 11:00

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COFA ATV Maintenance class April 27th 9:00 to 11:00 AM
Meeting at the Green Barn, 8660 South Fairall Rd, Morrison, 80465
For more information on this class you can call Mike at 303.880.9878
Bobby Fitch: Will be teaching a hands-on class about ATV maintenance for the upcoming season. How often should you change your oil, tuning up your ATV for better performance, what kind of gear should you have on your ATV in case of an emergency? How to check tires and what tires should you buy for your ATV and why? When you should repair issues with your ATV or take it into a shop, You'll be able to ask Bobby questions about your ATV.

Bio: Career: AMA Professional Motocross racer; owns Absolute Race Technology, which does suspension and motor work; operates an amateur national team; runs a training school: Fast as Fitch Motocross School.

Motocross is a demanding sport, and Bobby Fitch knows that. He started riding when he was 3 years old and began racing by age 4. Ever since, it’s played an influential part in his life. It’s all he wanted to do, even going as far as to move in with his grandparents when he was 13 for the moral support he needed and graduating from Columbine High School a year early in 1998. As a husband, father and entrepreneur, Fitch transfers all of his knowledge into his business adventures.

The vision and goal of COFA is to use God’s great outdoors through hunting, fishing, hiking, camping and other activities, to promote the gospel and a personal relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ.

Currently COFA is developing programs to gather men, women, families (which include single parents) together through the great outdoors experience.

For more information about COFA-Christian Outdoor Fellowship of American go to or call 303.456.0555

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