NRA Western Big Game Hunting Round Table,Moved to June 29th due to snow conditio

NRA Western Big Game Hunting Round Table,Moved to June 29th due to snow conditio was created by COFA

Moved to June 29th due to snow conditions
NRA Western Big Game Hunting Round Table (hands-on, in the field)
New Date on Saturday, June 29th from 1:00 PM to 3:30 PM
Calling all men, women, and kids who want to learn big game hunting techniques for elk, and deer. This year's hunting season is fast approaching. This hands-on seminar NRA seminar is geared for the western big game hunter. This will be a hands-on class with sharing and insights from all who attend. We will have you learn how to use elk calls, how to use pop up ground blinds, and tree stands. How to use elk and deer scents and decoys. How to find the right area to hunt when you don't have time to scout. Learn how to use a GPS and map and find good hunting spots. How to hunt bad weather and be safe. Many more techniques will be discussed and how to apply them when you hunt.

Learn the basics and advanced techniques on how to hunt elk, deer, bear in Colorado. This class will cover several aspects of hunting in Colorado: how to plan your big game hunt and where you can find good places to hunt, how using elk and deer scents can help you attract game, how to call elk in with various calls, how to use cow calls for bulls. How to use big game decoys when you hunt, what gear you should have in your day pack when hunting or scouting, what are good calibers used for the game you plan to hunt, basic survival techniques. For more info call Mike at 303.880.9878 or George at 303.880.3800

The address for this class is 8660 South Fairall Road, Morrison 80465 we will meet at the green barn, park by the barn.
The vision and goal of COFA is to use God’s great outdoors through hunting, fishing, hiking, camping and other activities, to promote the gospel and a personal relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ.

Currently COFA is developing programs to gather men, women, families (which include single parents) together through the great outdoors experience.

For more information about COFA-Christian Outdoor Fellowship of American go to or call 303.456.0555
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