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I like the Mr. Glass movie, good to see a sequel to Unbreakable and Split. Also I like the trailer for Shazam. Don't know much about the superhero but looks very fun and lighthearted compared to most of the DC movies lately.

Also liked the trailer for the new Doctor Who. Excited to see a new showrunner and a female Doctor. About time right? Too bad she isn't a ginger.
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Replied by ScienceChic on topic San Diego ComicCon

I missed the new Dr Who and that there was a sequel to Unbreakable! I'd heard a couple of weeks ago that M Night Shymalan had teased something about it, but forgot to follow up. Thanks for the tips, I'll go look those up.

I'm excited about Aquaman and the new Wonder Woman (wish that footage had leaked)!

Not at Comic Con, but I did find at aintitcoolnews that they are finally making Black Widow!

Cate Shortland to direct BLACK WIDOW movie
Published at: July 12, 2018, 8:49 p.m. CST by Precious Roy

Hey folks, it looks like Marvel Studios has finally settled on a director for their Black Widow film. Although as many as seventy directors were considered, it looks like Cate Shortland will be directing, from the Jac Schaeffer screenplay.

Shortland is known for LORE, as well as the early Sam Worthington film SOMERSAULT. Scarlet Johansson apparently lobbied hard for Shortland after seeing the well-executed female protagonist in LORE.

The first comments on the story made me smile:

dolphinsinthejacuzzi • 11 days ago
Black Widow: Budapest. Make this happen.

Abe Froman • 11 days ago
Do what they did with Clue in the 80’s. Multiple endings in different theaters so that everyone remembers Budapest very differently.

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