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Wow! One of the most intense movies I have seen in a long time. It is supposed to be a stand alone Joker origin story done by the director of "Hangover". First of all, not for kiddies! This film is very dark and concerns a man rapidly coming apart in a early 1980's NYC bankruptcy setting. As his life unravels, you see him lose his grip on reality. And at the same time, he unwittingly becomes the leader of a revolt.
The movie starts out slow and you find out quickly that his is a untrustworthy narrator. Pretty deep, this is not really a comic book movie. I did really like it, and now when you talk about great "Joker" performances, his will jump right to the top with Heath Ledgers. But unlike Ledger, whose Joker was a psychotic genius, Phoenix is more a man beaten down who finally lashes out.
Best movie of the year for me, so far, I think this could win an Oscar. Most likely for Phoenix who was so talented and lost 50 pounds to play the role.
05 Oct 2019 09:29 #1

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