14 Feb 2020 09:36 #1 by FredHayek
Evil was created by FredHayek
This show came out this Fall and it is quite different than your normal drama. A woman, who helps determine if people are sane enough to be put on trial, is hired by the Catholic Church to examine unexplained events, like possession. She is an atheist, but the other members on her team are a tech guy and a priest in training.
To further complicate things, she has made some enemies in her former career and one is stalking her and her children.

It is fun while watching to guess if these incidents are actually happening or if they are explained away due to technology or a disease, etc. On one side, you have the priest who tends to explain the events as supernatural, but he is balanced out by the other two skeptics on the team.
Caveat: this show can be scary, especially when her children are put in peril. I also tend to be a skeptic about this stuff, but sometimes wonder if there is more to life on Earth than just a science based explanation.


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