The Last Duel

25 Oct 2021 09:14 #1 by FredHayek
The Last Duel was created by FredHayek
The movie takes place in the 1300's in France. They show the flying buttresses being added to Notre Dame cathedral. A wife of a knight accuses his friend of raping her while her husband was away. The movie is divided into three versions of the same event and how the trio reached the duel.
Big stars, Adam Driver, Matt Damon, and Ben Affleck do a decent job, Ridley Scott directs. The film starts slow, but picks up at the end when the woman's lack of rights are revealed. She isn't allowed to accuse her rapist herself. Only her husband can, and only because the rape makes his property "lose value".
Big warning, the duel itself is very violent to both animal and beast. I liked the film and give it four out of five boy kings.

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