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Going for Gold - Fall in Colorado

Quite simply, this is perfectly Colorado!!! The Colorado Trail at Kenosha Pass is an amazing trail to see fall colors in the morning, afternoon and night.

There is no way to hide it, no way to keep it a secret and certainly no way to stop talking about it. Colorado's transition from summer to fall brings with it the excitement to go in search of our amazing aspen trees as they turn from green to vibrant golds, oranges and reds. Shimmering in the cool breeze that brings with it hints of the change of season, the aspen trees fill the high country with painted landscapes rarely seen anywhere else. Their sweet smell flows through the valleys and meadows below accompanied by the busyness of wildlife preparing for winter. Trickling streams awaiting the first snow, leaves blowing with each breeze, we search for our favorite locations to go out and capture nature's symphony for the senses.

One such location, always popular with locals and tourists alike, beckons to the traveler, come and explore. And while taking those long drives through the mountains can be rewarding, there is a much more rewarding way to experience Colorado's fall season. Most would agree, Guanella Pass is a must on anyone's list of drives, and rightfully so. But, a bit further down the road and Kenosha Pass is abuzz with colors exploding on both sides of the highway. Let's not stop there. Driving is a great way to see the colors, but this is equated with only seeing the front door of a grand museum. One must enter to see all the treasures. 

Kenosha Pass is home to many outdoor activities, fall colors included. One of the most spectacular ways of seeing the colors is to put on your hiking boots and head west on segment 6 of the Colorado Trail. A day hike, an overnight hike or even a multi-day hike (if not all the way to Durango) is an incredible fall outing to see one of Colorado's finest displays of aspens in transition. Quite simply, this is perfectly Colorado!!! The Colorado Trail at Kenosha Pass is an amazing trail to see fall colors in the morning, afternoon and night. Choose your favorite time, plan accordingly and embrace the Colorado Outdoors, you will not be disappointed. If backcountry camping is not your thing, there is car camping available at Kenosha Pass. If just out for a day hike, find your way along the gentle landscape to just before the decent to Guernsey Creek, a nice bench awaits where you can sit and absorb the incredible views while taking a few memorable photos. If an overnight trip is in order, find your way down to Guernsey Creek where there is plenty of backcountry camping among the aspens. Evening walks to see the sun setting and waking to sunrises are great here. Whatever you choose, get out and enjoy this quick transitioning time of year before it is gone.

"Each day is a unique opportunity to make memories and embrace life. Live your passion!"



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