Having Fun in Beautiful Bailey Colorado

A weekend is a sacred thing, isn't it?

Whether our weekends start on a Friday, a Tuesday, or somewhere in between, they are something to be cherished. They provide a well-deserved break between the drudgery of consecutive work days and we become the masters of our own destiny for those short, blessedly unallocated hours.

My own imagination starts percolating right around the time Tuesday shows up. I think, "I could sleep, around the clock, for the entire weekend!" or "I may just lounge around in my skivvies and binge watch the latest Netflix season." I COULD do those things, but my adventurous side wins over. "What road trip would take me to someplace I've never seen before?" I think, and usually go with that.

I'm not alone in my weekend wistfulness, I find. "What'cha doing this weekend?" are the words I hear from several co-workers, cashiers, and neighbors as standard salutations and see-ya-later mantras. It becomes the favored water-cooler conversation by many, sailing me past the hump of Hump-Day, propelling me through Get-There Thursday, and refreshing my Friday so I can say, "Sayonara, Suckahs!"

I inevitably head for the hills to see what's happening in the My Mountain Town agenda. Luckily, it's festival and event season on the other side of C-470, and Bailey, Colorado knows just how to entertain. (You can check out the Platte Canyon History page if you're wondering how the town got its roots. I always love the story behind the town.) As I'm currently in the mood for mapping out some mountain town entertainment, Bailey is a great fit!​

This means that I'll get my "Oh! I-really-shouldn't, but-I'm-gonna-anyway..." festival food fix in some truly breathtaking scenery. Sweet, crisp air and striking views bring a smile to my face every single time I leave the city heading west, and I know I'll pull over to take pictures on the drive up. Vivid yellows, blues and purples dot the highway in a wondrous wildflower fashion show, greeting my senses in an oh-so-casual manner. They practically beg to be photographed.

Driving up through the mountainland means I get a chance to chat with some amazing people dedicated to keeping their little slice of heaven in fine form. I couldn't possibly make my weekend long enough to visit each of the unique shops and stores that bring Bailey, Colorado together. Nor could I stretch my 48 hours to include going to the many residences of the men and women who truly make a difference.

Luckily, they all meet in one gathering place several times a year. In June, it's the Annual Bailey Day celebration. In August, the Platte Canyon Area Chamber of Commerce 6th Annual Car Show will rev them up. On the first Sunday of December, they meet again for their community's Cowboy Christmas, and in the spring, PCACC Chances Scholarship takes center stage.

It takes real talent and experience to create community events that highlight outstanding businesses, causes, and people who deserve to be known. Thanks to the Platte Canyon Chamber of Commerce, those events really come together beautifully. What it means for my weekend wanderlust is that really great events are lined up throughout the year.

So let's talk about the Platte Canyon Annual Car Show. It's coming up soon! August 12th, in fact. This car show is a big deal, even though it's been flying under the radar for the last five years. But I'm outing them for 2017, people, because it's such a great event. And, it's about time that more people made plans to come see the event that sell out each and every one of their slots, from year one. They're jam-packed so people can come and show off their outstanding automobiles.

I had a chance to chat with Ann McQueen, the "Queen of the car world" up in Bailey. She's organizing the whole shebang, and has really put an effort into this year's show. I learned quite a bit about the passion one royal car buff can channel into a community show. 

When I asked Ann how she got started in such passionate hobby, she had this to say:

"Well, I've been a car girl all my life. When I was about 6 months old, my daddy (a mechanic by trade, who also worked on cars for friends in his off-time) would bring me out to spend time with him while working on his cars. In fact I have a picture of me outside as a little one, sitting on a blanket, with a car behind me, and my dad working on another one. It's in my blood. I've just always been around them.

Photo by Mike Quaintance/The Flume

As a teenager, my dad would call on me for help while he was working on drag strip cars. I started out washing 'em and grabbing things for him, you understand. But anyway, that's what he was working on at that time. We always had cool cars at the house, and if my dad needed help, I was the one because I was the oldest."

Ann's passion propelled her to organize the show six years ago, and she's always looking to take care of the participants. So whether you are a sponsor, an entrant, or just a wandering individual who looks for the unique, you are going to be taken care of. It was a privilege to chat with Ann, and will be great fun to meet up with any of you who join me in Bailey.

So, my fellow weekend wanderers, if you're a car buff, or just love (or humor) someone who is, this is the place to be! They kick things off at 10:00 a.m. and keep at it until 2:00 p.m., Rain, Shine, or Tidal Wave!

Main Street is a bit compact for casual parking, so be patient and come early. Remember that pre-registered individuals will get first strike at prime parking, and make sure you visit the local businesses there as well for great specials. Stop by the Rustic Station Restaurant, Knotty Pine, Sasquatch Outpost, River Canyon Gallery, McGraw Park, Mad Jack's Mountain Brewery, Aspen Peak Cellars Tasting Room, Platte Canyon Community Partnership Resale Boutique, and Fun & Funky Art Galleries and Gifts. They're all expecting to spoil you with their hospitality!

I can't wait to go! If it's anything like Bailey Day was, the energy will be invigorating after a crazy work week in the city.

And Bailey Day was incredible. There were shootouts and auctions (not at the same time, thank goodness) and visits with everyone from old-time saloon girls to Sasquatch himself. I wrote just a little bit, in a prior piece, about the many causes that represented themselves in the street-lined booths at Bailey Day, and how inspiring it was to see such love and dedication having an avenue for service.

What I didn't talk about was the versatility of the place. Main Street was crammed with cars and people, but it was handled beautifully by the volunteers and police officers. Bands performed, contests abounded, and the food flowed in fantastic amounts! I was so impressed with how every part of the festival was utilized. There were places to walk, to talk, to rest, to eat and to meander.

Bottom line is this: When the work week is over, and five o'clock Friday hits, it's a good bet that The Platte Canyon Chamber of Commerce folk know how to throw a shindig! So show up for the car show on August 12th, and check out the other events coming up. I'll be writing an update on Aspen Peak Cellars Winery and can't wait to share the secrets of what you can expect next from their award winning wines.

And do your planning with the mymountaintown.com website. It's chalk-full of different places to plant your flag for the day, week, or long-term living!

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Sharon Trilk on Sunday, 06 August 2017 18:18

I haven't had a chance to attend the Car Show yet myself, but I love cars and hope to make it one of these years! My Mountain Town is a proud sponsor of the Bailey Car Show. Thank you for a great article on this and all that the Platte Canyon Chamber organizes!

I haven't had a chance to attend the Car Show yet myself, but I love cars and hope to make it one of these years! My Mountain Town is a proud sponsor of the Bailey Car Show. Thank you for a great article on this and all that the Platte Canyon Chamber organizes!
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