Keeping Up With The Community | Episode 21 - The Eisele Art Gallery

I don't know about you, but I use Instagram for business a good bit. It's great for professionals in the real estate industry since it's a visual platform and I get to look at pretty houses all day. But besides the visual aspect of it, this social platform has played an instrumental role in the many friendships I've made with some really cool and interesting people (that I probably wouldn't have met otherwise)! 

Take Phil Eisele, for example. I discovered Phil while surfing through Instagram using geographical hashtags. (Did I lose you there?) Anyway, when I used a local geo-tag, Phil's art popped up on my screen. Not knowing he was from the area, I tapped on his profile and was drawn to his art. Then I realized he was from Bailey and that's when I decided to feature him as a guest! 

I'm in a very creative time in my life right now. I feel very thankful to God that I'm able to be up here in this beautiful place of Bailey, and work from home, and create. I just feel like I'm kind of back to my roots of what I did years ago and it feels terrific.

by Phil Eisele, The Eisele Art Gallery

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Phil Eisele is an abstract artist from Bailey, Colorado.

Watch as Phil and I chat about: 

00:35 Phil's backstory 

00:55 What inspired his abstract art 

01:42 The mediums he uses 

02:29 Yes, he does commission pieces! 

02:57 A few more examples of his work 

03:58 An awesome opportunity for local business owners to hang some of Phil's work in your place of business! 

04:31 How to get in touch with Phil

Please send inquiries to:

Phil Eisele of The Eisele Art Gallery
(720) 431- 3201

Follow him on Instagram! @theeiseleartgallery 

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