Need help with your home class room, this list will help you along the way.


Teacher Plan Book/Day Timer Student Assignment Book


#2 Pencils Pens


Erasers Ruler


Yardstick Crayons/Colored Pencils


Pencil Sharpener Correction Fluid


Scissors White Glue/Paste/Glue Stick


Masking Tape Clear Tape


Paper Clips Stapler and Staples


File Folders Storage Boxes/Filing Cabinet


Chalkboard or Marker board Chalk or Dry Erase Markers


Chalkboard Eraser or Washcloth Bulletin Board or Magnetic Board


Push Pins or Magnets (for the above)


Student Desk or Table Desk Lamp


Desk Chair World Map


Globe U.S.A. Map


State Map Dictionary


Calendar Clock


Timer or Bell Thermometer


Compass Calculator


3 x 5 Index Cards (lined and plain) 8½ x 11" White Paper


Handwriting Practice Pads Spiral Notebooks (wide or college ruled)


3;Ring Binder (1 per child) 8½ x 11" Lined Notebook Paper


Tabbed Dividers Gummed Hole Reinforcements


Hole PunchCassette Player

Blank Cassette Tapes Piano or Keyboard Song Book


Sketchbook/Journal Colored Highlighter Pens


Decorative Stickers/Rubber Stamps


Art and Craft Supplies (paint, yarn, fabric


scraps, buttons, paper towel rolls, etc.)

Magazines and Catalogs (for pictures)


Butcher Paper/Newsprint Construction Paper


Cardboard Balls of different sizes


Popsicle Sticks Small objects (for counting)

Empty Food Boxes, etc. (for play store) Play Money


Flashcards Hundred Chart Historical Time-line


Award Stickers/Certificates/Small Prizes Graph Paper


Tracing Paper Magnifying Glass


Not all grade levels will need all of the above. Early childhood curriculum uses most of these materials, but even older students do special projects and visual presentations. I hope this helps you get your homeschooling supplies together.


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