I wanted to post this story here so it was easy to find for a reminder. I've always tried to live this way:                                                                                              

"I learned to take those experiences that were difficult in my life and in the adversity that I had overcome to use it for a positive change." ~Dominique Moceanu

Gratitude plays a big part of that attitude...

"Thanksgiving is not just a once-a-year event. Thanksgiving is a lifestyle that you can cultivate every single day of your life. Gratitude has been the key to every success and every victory in my life. Here are a few secrets about the power of gratitude.

1. Gratitude is the greatest driver of success in your life.

2. Gratitude is the greatest way to silence the ego.
Gratitude teaches you that things will not always go your way. Gratitude assures you no matter what you go through in your life that something good will come out of it.

3. Gratitude helps you appreciate every moment of your life.
The thing I love about gratitude is that it changes your perspective about life.

4. Gratitude produces a more meaningful life.
When you become advanced in the practice of gratitude you will contend against allowing anything to compromise your contentment. Contentment is living at such a place that nothing has the power to move you. When you are content you are not disturbed by the detours of life. Contentment produces peace. Contentment is living in the flow of life."


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