9News: Elk Creek Firefighters run Rock 'n Roll half-marathon in full gear

19 Oct 2015 09:08 #1 by ScienceChic
9News featured our Elk Creek firefighters in a video segment!

Firefighters run Rock 'n Roll half-marathon in full gear
The group of firefighters took on the challenge in honor of fellow firefighters battling cancer.
Maya Rodriguez, KUSA 5:31 p.m. MDT October 18, 2015

Among the hundreds of people who pounded the pavement in Denver during the marathon was a group of firefighters, who ran the half-marathon in full-gear. They are from the Elk Creek Fire Department in Conifer and ran the half-marathon in full firefighting gear to prove a point.

"We did this as more of a reason just to encourage our brothers and sisters in arms to really get out there and keep themselves healthy, keep themselves active and remember why we are doing this," said Reginald Westmacott with the Elk Creek Fire Department.

Their message to fellow firefighters: keep their masks on and handle their equipment with care, all in an effort to prevent cancer, which is rampant among their ranks.

"As firefighters, that's one off the biggest things that kills us," Lt. Sander said.

For 13 miles, over the course of more than four hours, they ran with their gear -- even switching air tanks when they ran out every 45 minutes.

Watch the video here: www.9news.com/story/life/2015/10/18/fire...-full-gear/74185378/

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