Golden, CO
I'm on a road trip to the Florida panhandle hiding in my hotel room from the heat and humidity, messing around and finally figured out how I can harass people via their blogs on this site. So there you go, consider yourself and your wall harassed and defaced in that order!
Coming home on Friday and praying for rain and cooler temps but anything less humid and cooler than where I am now will be a 100% improvement!
One of these days, I'll make it to the Burro Days race - it looks like everyone has fun!
Off to get some sleep before helping out on communications for the Fairplay burro race tomorrow.
Check it out, it is something different!
You're welcome! I like the plane.
Yes. With your own toothbrush!
If I write on the wall with crayon, will Mommy make me clean it up?
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