Re-Zoning for Proposed 350 Residential Unit Developmnt Light Ln/Pleasant Park Rd

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ScienceChic created the topic: Re-Zoning for Proposed 350 Residential Unit Developmnt Light Ln/Pleasant Park Rd 05 Jan 2019 21:37 #1

Note: the community meeting originally scheduled for January 8th at 6pm at Conifer High School has been canceled per Nick Nelson, Jeffco Planning & Zoning. He will let us know when it is rescheduled.

Case Number: 18132130 CMT (previously Case #18-122978PA)
Address: 26209 Pleasant Park / Light Lane, Conifer
Sub Type: Rezoning
Case Manager: Nick Nelson
Acres: 47.12
Community Meeting to discuss a potential rezoning to allow up to 350 residential units including single-family attached and detached, and multi-family with limited commercial.

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File Name: JeffCoPre-...tter.pdf
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The subject property is located within the Conifer Activity Center and is recommended for Residential with a maximum density of 4 dwelling units per acre if all applicable design guidelines are complied with. Where a centralized water and/or sewer system is not available, 1 dwelling unit per 5 acres should be the maximum density.

Residential development may be single family detached, single family attached or multi-family. Multi-family residential is more appropriate closer to 285 or Highway 73, where single family detached on larger lots (1-5 acres) is more appropriate at the edges of the center.

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homeagain replied the topic: Re-Zoning for Proposed 350 Residential Unit Developmnt Light Ln/Pleasant Park Rd 06 Jan 2019 08:20 #2

OH wait, in all their wisdom, they OMITTED water will escalate the price of the dwelling $$$$$
to make it out of reach for most.......just like the safeway fiasco......oh and there is this.......a GLOBAL slowdown that WILL bring a recession....forward thinking is NOT their forte. jmo

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FNP replied the topic: Re-Zoning for Proposed 350 Residential Unit Developmnt Light Ln/Pleasant Park Rd 06 Jan 2019 10:09 #3

It would appear that JEFFCO did not learn much about housing density and construction in the Wildland Urban Interface [abbreviated as WUI] from the Waldo Canyon and Black Forest fires or from the last two years of wildfires in California.

Findings in the NIST Waldo Canyon Study NIST.TN.1910. [NIST website/ link not available due to government shutdown]
"Current concepts of defensible space do not account for hazards of burning primary structures, hazards presented by embers and the hazards outside of the home ignition zone."

In the NIST fire study, only 48 of the destroyed homes were ignited directly from the wildfire. Structure-to-structure spread from these early ignitions resulted in the cascading ignition of the other 296 destroyed homes.

Examples from California:
Retired CALFIRE chief Royal Burnett after investigating the CARR fire in Redding:
"Under current standards house are build six to an acre; 10 feet to the property line, and only 20 feet between houses. Once one house ignited, radiant heat could easily torch the next one."
On why Coffee Park [a suburb of Santa Rosa outside the mapped high fire risk zone] burned to the ground in the Tubbs fire.
"Most likely, the fire was touched off by embers blown from a distance. Firebrands capable of igniting a house can travel more than a mile ... Fire experts surmise that most of the damage was caused by fire spreading from house to house, leaving some parkway trees and things like trash cans oddly unscathed."

The International Wildland Urban Interface Codes [IWUI] represent the best available codes for building in and around Conifer. Those codes would not allow the development as proposed or the less fire resistant construction presently permitted by JEFFCO. Here are the IWUI structure separation standards: . There are also more stringent construction standards. JEFFCO has not adopted the IWUI codes.

Development in the fire prone WUI using a California model has been demonstrated to fail. The latest example was Paradise, CA. The entire community burned to the ground in the Camp fire and the fire killed 85 people. Inadequate development practices and inadequate evacuation roads compromised survivability.

Has anyone in JEFFCO done sufficient traffic studies to ascertain whether or not our local roads can support mass evacuations if a large wildfire encroaches on our area? I doubt our local roads are up to the task. Even 285 goes bumper to bumper on high traffic days. Add fire, smoke, and a couple of accidents and our roads including 285 might not support mass evacuations.

I ask JEFFCO to stop approving developments and increasing density that will put additional lives and property at risk until we can all sort out and adequately address our vulnerability to wildfire. We have a significant wildfire susceptibility and vulnerability problem in our area today that cannot be addressed by a quick tweak here and there to planning and zoning procedures. Lets not make our community wildfire risk incrementally worse and attempt to build a Paradise, CA in Conifer. Waldo Canyon, other Colorado front range fires, and California have shown us what doesn't work. Lets do better in Conifer and in JEFFCO.

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Mountain-News-Events replied the topic: Re-Zoning for Proposed 350 Residential Unit Developmnt Light Ln/Pleasant Park Rd 08 Jan 2019 15:20 #4

Just received from Nick Nelson, Jeffco Planning & Zoning:


The community meeting that was canceled for tonight has been rescheduled for Monday, January 28th. Still at the Conifer High School Cafeteria at 6 pm.

You can review the applicant’s documents here:

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