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The holidays are upon us and if you're anything like me, then you've got some last minute shopping to do. King's Emporium​ has something for everyone! You'll have to see for yourself and stop for a cup o' joe at Josh's Place (the coffee shop inside the store).  All proceeds from the coffee shop go to support young adults with special needs.

King's Emporium in King's Valley is an antique and consignment shop with 7400 square feet and over merchandise from over 80 local Colorado dealers and consigners. We sell and consign home decor, estate jewelry, lots of antiques, and so much more. We also support the developmentally disabled and all proceeds from our coffee shop go to Whole Care. Stop by on a Wednesday and meet some of the group; they make the cutest bird houses and projects, sold exclusively at Kings Emporium. We also have the giving trunk for the police and fire departments for children in tragedies, and we have flea markets in the spring through late fall.

Cindy Owsiany, Nancy Powell, and Janeen Garcia are the owners.  Here's how our interview went:

How long have you been in King's Valley?

Cindy: We've been in King's Valley a little over a year. We used to be three doors down, but we've been in this space for a little over four months.

What do you like about working in King's Valley?

Cindy: I love the location, the community, and the support we get from the community..

What kind of store is King's Emporium?

Cindy: We're a collection of consignment and vendors (so we rent spaces out for a small percentage) and we work with the developmentally disabled. All the proceeds from the coffee shop go to them. And we also work with the police and fire departments for the giving trunks for kids in tragedy.

Please tell us about the Whole Care program and how it benefits adults with special needs.

Don: I got started with Cindy's son Josh and what we do is work with special needs adults. We create things like birdhouses and windchimes or whatever we can come up with to keep their lives busy and make them feel of importance and be a part of the community. That's the biggest thing--getting them out in the community and letting the community know how important they are.

How can the community support the Whole Care cause?

Cindy: Buy a birdhouse, come in for a cup of coffee or some freshly-baked pastries, buy a "Josh's Place" ceramic mug. Just come hang out and have a treat and a cup o' joe.

What are your goals for 2018 and how can the community of Conifer help you meet them?

Janeen: In addition to helping the developmentally disabled, we also have a booth that supports pets in need and we have a cat sanctuary in Bailey. We'd like to see the sales in both of those areas grow in support. We'd like to see more community involvement in the things we do in the summer months, like the flea market and car show.

Cindy: We want Josh's Place to grow and we want to create a nice, safe, fun gathering place for these young adults with developmental disabilities and the community can help by supporting the coffee shop inside the store.

What do you love about working here?

Janeen: I love that someone who just moved to the community can come here to find things to furnish their new place. I love that when people leave the community, they bring us their stuff to sell, and so it's like a cycle in the community of the things that stay here.
Nancy: Everything we have here is so reasonably priced and things that we would put in our own home.
Cindy: It's just such a good feeling to be involved with helping others.

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Cindy Threlkel on Friday, 22 December 2017 18:22

Thank you for coming to our shop and making us feel so special. You are amazing

Thank you for coming to our shop and making us feel so special. You are amazing
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