Using Pinterest to Grow Your SEO

Pinterest is a powerful SEO tool that tends to get forgotten about. It's not just about pinning those amazing craft ideas, gathering ideas for your wedding, or any of the other fun aspects of Pinterest. Each pin posted can be linked back to your website, making Pinterest a SEO goldmine!

  1. SEO Your Board Titles

The first way is to use intelligent keywords in your board titles. This is so when a keyword that you have in a board title is searched, your board will come up as a result. This will give your business more traffic on Pinterest.

  1. SEO Your Board Descriptions

Another way is to use this same idea but put the important keywords in the description of your boards. Don't leave them blank! They are important! You have 500 characters to optimize how frequently your board is viewed! One way to do this is to list keywords having to do with your board, separating them with commas. Or just writing about your board and using keywords or phrases in the description. Then every time one of those keywords is searched, your board will come up in the list of search results.

  1. SEO Your Pin Descriptions

There is yet another way to do this. You can do the same thing but in your individual pin descriptions. This optimizes the chance of someone searching one of your keywords and visiting your profile.

  1. SEO Your Profile

There are a couple things you can do from your profile itself to optimize your SEO. You can utilize keywords in your username, business name and in your bio.

These are all crucial steps to take to grow your SEO on Pinterest.

Happy Pinning!

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Sharon Trilk on Sunday, 06 August 2017 18:23

Trying to do better with this!

Trying to do better with this! :) [url=][/url]
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