Quick and Easy Meals for One, Bachelor Style

11 Dec 2017 19:36 #101 by otisptoadwater
I like Queso dip as much as the next guy but I always feel like there's something missing that would make it better. Meat, spices, peppers, onions? Yep, all of that stuff. When you're craving some improved Queso dip break out the crockpot or the double boiler and make...


Get This Stuff

Processed cheese food substance - you can go with Velveeta if you have that kind of cash but store brand works just as well
Meat - I like ground beef left over from my last batch of tacos but small cubes of hot Polish sausage is good too
Finely diced peppers - I use Jalapenos and Serranos but use what you like
Finely minced yellow onion
Canned black beans
Frozen sweet corn

Git'r Dun!

Cut the processed cheese food substance in to 1/4" cubes, use enough to fill your cooking vessel about 3/4th's full (remember there's more stuff that has to fit in the pot). Add remaining ingredients and cook on low heat, checking and stirring frequently to ensure that the contents of the pot are cooking evenly.

Once the processed cheese food substance has melted and the other ingredients have been well combined serve over your favorite brand of corn tortilla chips with a shaker full of cayenne pepper on the side for the folks who like a little more spice. Leftovers are excellent complement to scrambled eggs and as a filling omelets or in burritos.

Best paired with a high quality American Pilsner such as Luck Lager, Blatz, or Lone Star. Some of you might be wondering about the name, why is it called Barf Dip? Just look at it - corn added just for the visual! :P

I can explain it to you but I can't understand it for you.

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