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ramage wrote: Pelosi knew of the complaint before it was released.
From 60 Minutes, 9/29/2019
"But, I know what was in the call," Pelosi continued, before quickly adding, "I mean, uh, it was in the public domain."
At the time of the interview, no transcript of the conversation had been released.


thehill.com/blogs/blog-briefing-room/new...82-pelosis-daughter- my-mom-will-cut-your-head-off-and-you-wont

here is the FULL interview (sans video)...........

BOLDED........GEE, Ramage....NEVER under estimate a woman, were you NOT aware of that.
OF COURSE she has info that the public is not AWARE OF.......:whistle:

PELOSI knows the numbers, she has ACUTE awareness of timing....you know how avalanches start? A little sliding snow,some rocks rolling downward,some speed gathers and VOLIA....a VERY big dump. (really your awareness level is *******,at best)

POWER to Pelosi.....RESOLUTION PASSED....we, the people, will obtain facts of obscene lack of oversight...PROOF of the kings corruption and HIGH CRIMES.:zombie: BURIED
by his bull shit.


NEVER been a BANNON fan, but his assessment of Pelosi's actions are dead on....which I
posted many moons ago.

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