Black Lives Don't Matter

29 Jun 2020 19:04 #31 by ramage
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Your comments, questions, are on point. In the 60's and early 70's Blacks themselves looked over their shoulder and wondered if they were in graduate school because of Affirmative Action. One of my black classmates, who went on to be a very capable neurosurgeon (not Dr. Carson) felt that stigma over his head throughout his career, despite reassurances that he was eminently qualified. At his retirement he spoke eloquently on the topic. Not to be trite but he said, to paraphrase M.L.King, Jr., do not judge me or promote me because of the color of my skin, etc.
Affirmative Action created this perception.
It is only going to get worse with the changes in higher education.

Question: What is it about the "yellow" people that makes them so different so as not to be included as "people of color"?
I will suggest that it is the nuclear family.
Any thoughts?

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30 Jun 2020 06:52 #32 by homeagain
Replied by homeagain on topic Black Lives Don't Matter

Rick wrote:

homeagain wrote: YOUR childhood portrays a picture of some people of color....NOW, imagine how much MORE difficult
your life would have been IF your skin was NOT white....THAT was the point....the WHOLE of this discussion is centered into the core of INEQUALITY. Opportunity, doors opening,just to step inside.....
THOSE things are ACCESSIBLE....Now, if U happened to be Trans,openly gay(not flaming),OR your
skin a color other than is a different struggle...

You're doing it again, you can't seem to help yourself but I'm starting to understand the mentality. YOU DO NOT KNOW MY LIFE, PERIOD!! You have no idea where I've been or how I struggled. You also have no clue how 99.99% of black people have lived or struggled. You get your limited info from biased sources who play this same game of acting like it's still the 50's. Not all black people have struggled and not all white people skipped through life with "privilege". All this new uproar is doing is creating more division, not less, and it was started under Obama.

You're free to believe whatever you want, but please don't try to put me in some kind of privileged box. Would it help if I grew up in a black neighborhood and got my ass kicked often for being white? Those people also exist, even though they don't fit into your box. Judge people by their individual character and individual life experiences and you'll be a much better person... as you like to say NJMO.

APPARENTLY, you missed MY post regarding my childhood Let me state....pretty much EVERYONE
came from a dysfunctional are not the exception. My real father was an alcoholic,was a vet
who suffered from a fungus he contracted affected his inner ear canal,he thought he was
going stir crazy...jumped from a building roof and died.My mom left him when I was 2 yrs. We moved
to ALASKA when I was 8(1955),it wasn't a state at the time. She remarried in1956,my step father
was abusive to my brother and I (mom became pregnant within the year we moved up) MOM
was always ill with a inner ear disease,that made her unable to function on a daily bases(severe vertigo)

When we moved to ALASKA (because my aunt sent for us,to get us out of a bad situation) ALASKA
my mom eventually found a BBF...a black woman,with a son...she cleaned toilets and mopped floors in
a commercial building. SHE was my saving grace, she was always there to help my Mom.and I,when my
mom was REALLY bad,she would bring her son and spend the nite....I grew up playing with her son.

EVENTUALLY.she moved back down to the lower 48 and several years later we found out her son had
dove into a swimming pool and hit the water wrong.....he became a quad....we were HEARTBROKEN
that we could not be there for her.

I left Alaska IMMEDIATELY after H.S. in Fairbanks.Alaska....came back to Colo. (Grand Jct) went to MESA
Jr. college (when it was still a 2 year school). I never had children,because I was a MOM when I was very
young....(cloth diapers to sterilize,glass baby bottles to sterilize....NO real childhood...I've spilled my guts to U,which is NOT like me,I rarely tell the above story.

NOW.....HERE IS THIS little gem X out of pop up to get to article.

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07 Jul 2020 19:58 #33 by Rick
Replied by Rick on topic Black Lives Don't Matter
Well the brilliant Don Lemon just explained what I've been asking about. It appears that only the .0001% of black lives taken by police officers matter, at least according to the BLM movement. I think that was 9 people last year, only they matter and not the thousands killed by other black people. Glad he cleared that up!

Here's a couple quotes from Terry Crews and Don Lemon...


“Black lives do matter, but, when you’re talking about an organization, you’re talking about the leaders. You’re talking about the people who are responsible,” Crews said as Lemon interrupted to say Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was once seen as extreme.

Crews then brought up a surge in “Black-on-Black” gun violence that left multiple children dead since June 20.

“The Black Lives Matter movement has said nothing about this,” Crews said. “Black people need to hold other Black people accountable.”

Lemon's Response:

“The Black Lives Matter movement was started because it was talking about police brutality, if you want an all Black Lives Matter movement that talks about gun violence in communities, including Black communities, then start that movement,” Lemon told the “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” star.

“That’s not what Black Lives Matter is about. It’s not an all-encompassing... if someone started a movement that said ‘cancer matter,’ and then someone came and said, ‘Why aren’t you talking about HIV?’ It’s not the same thing, we’re talking about cancer” Lemon continued.

I'm so relieved, it all makes sense now.

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11 Jul 2020 18:58 #34 by HEARTLESS
Replied by HEARTLESS on topic Black Lives Don't Matter

The silent majority will be silent no more.

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11 Jul 2020 20:10 - 11 Jul 2020 20:10 #35 by Pony Soldier
I really enjoy it when white liberal men call Candace a white supremacist. Can they even hear themselves?

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11 Jul 2020 21:24 #36 by Rick
Replied by Rick on topic Black Lives Don't Matter

Pony Soldier wrote: I really enjoy it when white liberal men call Candace a white supremacist. Can they even hear themselves?

When I first heard these weak "men" denigrate and smear one of the brightest young Americans we've been lucky enough to know and hear, I finally figured out the only time the left (a significant number), doesn't see color or gender... when it's someone who is blowing their narrative of hate and division. These woke idiots and the rest of the sane Democrats would universally condemn a Republican for that kind of slur, as would I. But hear we are... there must be something wrong with black people who are tired of being used by Democrats and given nothing in return except for more dependence. Candice Owens and young people like her are able to see what their parents and grandparents have been doing wrong in the voting booth. They see the lack of action of any kind, even when they finally got a black president. Did Obama create opportunity zones for black communities or get justice reform that freed thousands of black people? Nope, Trump the racist got that done.

I can't say enough about her because she's so deadly to the leftist plan of full government control... as more young people like her start to fight insane policies with reality and common sense, the message may finally start to break through and more minorities will start to have the same courage and speak aloud. I don't blame a young black man for not pronouncing his support for Trump. Maybe he started doing some research outside of his normal media bubble and discovered Trump has already been more proactive in helping the black community than Obama achieved in 8 years. But what if he's surrounded by people who would like to see dead Trump? Nope, you have to have a whole lot of courage and probably some backup. These young people are so important if there's any chance of stopping the socialist train to Venezuela.

Sorry for the long response to your post, but I really do love watching strong young people shredding these morons with facts, logic, and common sense.

BTW, I hope you're starting to get better man. I know it can get pretty depressing too but that's just part of the battle. I'm not a doctor but I've spent a lot of time with many... STAY HYDRATED. That's where I always go wrong.

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