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Today seems an appropriate day to highlight our re-designed Emergency Page ! :) You can find it by clicking the red menu option at the top of any page, the Red Emergency Info Button on the Home Page, or by bookmarking this link:

Previously we had all the handy links at the top of the page, and our Scanner & Emergency Forum Feed down below. We realized this was a little backwards, making you scroll farther for the latest info you'd want first so we moved it up to the top and made the topics a little easier to read & click on for more details. Below that is the Twitter feed for our Jeffco Sheriff's Office since they are fantastic at keeping us informed. If we ever have an incident, there will be additional Twitter feeds put up specific to the incident so you can find everything you need on one page!

To the right are our handy links for:
  • US National Weather Service Denver/Boulder Colorado website & social media pages - they provide weather alerts for our area
  • Jefferson County Sheriff's Office and Park County, Colorado websites/social media pages
  • Broadcastify Live Scanner Feeds for Mountain Jeffco & ParkCo
  • COEmergency Website & Social Media pages & Pinecam Fire Forum (b/c it's more important you get critical info than we not send you to a competitor. Just make sure you come back.) :)
  • Colorado Department of Transportation Website & Social Media Pages
  • Smart911 & Emergency Communications Network's CodeRED SignUps
  • Fires - all the info you need to prepare plus what's happening from InciWeb, READYColorado, NFPA's Firewise Communities Program, Burn Bans by County, and Contact Info for our area Fire Departments
If we're missing anything, please let us know!

Mobile-Responsive Adaptations:
My Mountain Town Emergency Page Vertical Table View - notice the menu has disappeared at the top - click the 3 horizontal bars at the top right-hand corner to get it back as a crop-down menu:

My Mountain Town Emergency Page Mobile Phone View - the handy links are pushed below the feeds:

Proudly serving mountain Jeffco, Clear Creek & Park County!
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All good things to do and review! Check our Emergency Page for links to READYColorado and NFPA's Firewise Communities Program for great info on how to prepare your home, family, and pets for evacuations, mitigation, etc. If you haven't signed up for CodeRED and Smart911, today would be a great day to do that too (and don't forget to register your kids' cell phones as well)!

CodeRED is the emergency alert notification system used by Jefferson and Park Counties for any mobile device you have (landlines should already be in the system) or if you'd like to be sent an email in addition to being called and/or texted. You can choose to be sent alerts for flash floods, severe weather (thunderstorms, tornadoes, winter storms), and general or emergency notifications.

Something to keep in mind, they don't send alerts for every day accidents or fires that have just broken out that may affect you so if you'd like alerts on that kind of community info, Subscribe to our Scanner & Emergency Info, & Weather Forecasts Forum - we do our best to cover what's happening (let us know anytime if you see something that hasn't been reported yet!).

What is Smart911? From Jefferson County Sheriff's Office:
Smart911 is a free service with which users create a safety profile by entering vital data they want made available about themselves, their family, their residence and even their pets (things such as medical conditions, allergies, disabilities of any residents, floor plans, where a spare key might be hidden for quicker access, gate codes, etc). Without Smart911, dispatchers are only aware of a phone number, and minimal location data.

Smart911 delivers this information automatically to dispatchers, who can then relay it to the first responders who are coming to your home, or the accident you were in, so they can take better care of you. The data is private and secure, only the dispatchers see it when you call 911. If you are unconscious, you can't let them know vital info they may need about you - this takes care of that.

When we're under a Red Flag Warning please be safe outdoors and keep your eyes open for smoke. Call 911 if you see ANYthing - our fire departments would rather be safe than sorry checking it out and catching a fire quickly before it grows.

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