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My Mountain Town is a welcoming community website serving the mountain communities west of Denver, Colorado, including, but not limited to: Morrison, Kittredge, Indian Hills, Conifer, Evergreen, Pine, Bailey, Shawnee, Grant, Jefferson, Fairplay, and South Park in Jefferson and Park Counties. You can read a little more about us here.

My Mountain Town can be likened to a community blog, it contains forums. What is a forum?
Definition: medium for open discussion or voicing of ideas, such as a newspaper, a radio or television program, or a website. It is a way for members of a community to connect, share information, and find what they need. My Mountain Town has several forums separated by subject in categories to keep the information organized and easier to find later; each has a description to help guide you as to where to post what information. You'll also see ratings for each of the forums' descriptions in 'The Highway' Category - this helps give you an idea of the type of conversations you'll find in that forum, and how to respond when you participate as well. We have a little of everything for everyone!

How does this benefit you?
A community thrives when its members, businesses, and nonprofits all support one anothers' needs and when there is an active flow of communication. We provide a place to share that ‘online’ word-of-mouth that doesn't require signing your privacy away. You only need your email address to register, and we will never sell that information or track you in any way. Your participation here provides some of that valuable information for others in your community - this site is what you make it!

Categories and Forums Index
There are 4 Categories: What's New, The Highway, Life Up The Hill, and Mountain Classifieds. Clicking on the Category links will display only the forums located within that Category. The Forums are grouped under those, and some of those Forums have subforums. They are listed below:

My Mountain Town: What's New Category
My Mountain Town: FAQ Forum
Tutorials and help with all the features and functions on the site! If you have technical questions about how something on the site works, see if we have a topic already started. If not, please feel free to ask!

The Highway Category
The Campfire
Sit with friends around the campfire. Talk with your neighbors about local interests and issues. Breaking local news topics and photos. Local questions and more... RATING: PG The Fun House
Jokes, Fun Stuff, Games. This is your recreation room. Time for a little relaxation and laughter with your friends and neighbors! RATING: PG

The Courthouse
Discussion and debate about politics, current events and science. Can get heated and be aware all opinions are those of the posters and not reflective of My Mountain Town. RATING: PG-13
  • Subforum: The Science Lab
    The place for all things science: news, breaking research, technology, ethics, book reviews, and policy. RATING: PG
The Sports Field
All sports all the time: news, results, speculation, and bragging! Home of the popular Pick 5 Contest and My Mountain Town Fantasy Football League! RATING: PG

The Kitchen Table
Come on in, grab your favorite hot or icy cold beverage and share recipes, kitchen gadgets, and cooking tips, etc. Corridor Restaurant Guide and local restaurant reviews. RATING: G Leisure Lounge
A place to discuss your favorite hobbies with other posters. Crochet, knitting, collecting, woodworking, etc. Photography, hiking, & other outdoor hobbies are covered in our Outdoor & Colorado Life forum. RATING: G

Mountains of Entertainment
Books, movies, celebrity gossip, entertainment news, music. RATING: PG

The Hard Drive
Get your Geek on! Computer discussions including, but not limited to, hardware/software, virus and spyware programs, technical issues, and local phone/internet questions or concerns. RATING: G

The Health Center
Local doctor or dentist recommendations, medical questions, home remedies. Health related issues. Alternative medicine. Let others know about support groups and classes in the area. RATING: PG

Spiritual Cabin
Share your spiritual journey - all faiths welcome! Post workshops and retreats, classes, and meditation gatherings. Prayer Requests and Gratitudes. RATING: G

Family Room
Discuss family issues and things for kids to do in the area. School information shared here. RATING: G ** The Ring - this one is special. This forum is visible only to members when they are logged in, so you must be a member in order to read it. Because this is a forum for adults only, it is not visible to the public, nor are its topics shared in our Recent Topics Feed.
For those with a twisted sense of humor, the irreverent, the rebels, the non-politically correct. Posts from elsewhere on MyMountainTown.com will be moved here when things get hot and heavy. This forum is minimally moderated; there is name calling, profanity, insults, and crude humor - suit up and enter if you dare! Do not enter if you do not agree to the special rules below only for 'The Ring'. NO MINORS.
Enter at your own risk. RATING: R
1. I am at least 18 years old.
2. I understand "The Ring" may include offensive content.
3. I agree to report anything illegal, threatening, or hate speech.
4. By entering 'The Ring' I release My Mountain Town from any liability that may arise from my use of this forum.
5. The Terms of Service still apply.
6. I will NOT, under any circumstances, post personal identifiable information on the site.
Life Up the Hill Category
Scanner & Emergency Info, Weather Forecasts
Accidents, fires, traffic, and other emergency incidents. This forum is for official information from our scanners/news sources; for member conversations about emergency events, go to 'The Campfire' Forum.
• My Mountain Town's Custom daily mountain weather forecasts
• Additional information & useful links: Emergency Page
• Exclusive Hwy 285 & Hwy 73/I-70 Webcams

Community News, Events, and Calendar
Mountain Happenings, Calendar, and Local News. Members: please add your nonprofit & community event information to our Community Calendar!
Pet Park & Ranch
For all animals, large and small, that we love. Report a lost or found pet. Discuss our wonderful furry and feathered friends. Animals for sale. Including Dogs, Cats, Birds, Squirrels, Foxes, Horses, Alpacas, Llamas, Livestock, Bears, Mountain Lions, and more! Area Non-Profits & Service Organizations
All the Jefferson and Park County non-profits in one handy location! Check out their news, events, services provided, ways you can help, and more.

Outdoor & Colorado Life
This forum is for all things Colorado: outdoor activities & hobbies, vacation, tourism, recreation, and history. Where to go Hiking, Biking, Fishing, Hunting, Rafting, Riding, Climbing, and more. There's no better place to be outside than here in CO! The Homestead
From chickens to high altitude gardening to canning. This is your place for questions and discussion!

Mountain Classifieds Category - Free Classifieds forum for the members of our community! Even better: try our NEW Classifieds Page!
Member Classifieds
Free Classifieds for the members of our community!
Items for Sale - Looking to buy or sell something?
Items For Free - Giving away something taking up space in your home?
Items Wanted or Barter - What do you want, or what do you have, that you wish to trade?
Garage Sales - Your biggest Garage Sale sign is right here!!

Business Classifieds
Businesses: Give our members and guests your discounts, sales, coupons, news, & events. One new post per day per member in this Forum only (replies to questions exempt from rule). 'Subscribe' to your Topic for immediate email notifications of replies.

Members: please leave testimonials for businesses who've done a great job for you! Post here and/or on their Business Directory Profile Page. Members: please leave testimonials for businesses who've done a great job for you! Post here and/or on their Business Directory Page. Please see here for further details. Thank you!

Jobs and Services
Employment Ads in the Foothills. Post here if you are looking for a job or need to fill one.

Real Estate for Sale and Home Improvement
Mountain land and homes for sale or rent.

Proudly serving mountain Jeffco & Park County since 2010!
You can also find & connect with us on:
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