Hwy 285 Road Conditions

26 Apr 2023 07:42 #371 by MountainTownAlerts
As reported in the 285 Traveler Group on Facebook:
Lia A 2hrs ago
*Wednesday Morning 0340*

(No Lane differentiation from Pine Junction until the canyon)
Left Pine Junction around 0340. Snowing hard, Northbound slushy, progressed to frozen slushy roads on Richmond. 350 passed a semi in the left lane with a cop Northbound before the overpass on Richmond. Roads improved after the Foxton exit (plows headed down Foxton and up Kennedy towards Conifer Mountain). Three plows headed Southbound at Windy Point. Roads mostly wet and slushy by the park n ride before South Turkey Creek turn off. Much better lane differentiation. Progressed to rain halfway through the canyon. Roads completely clear coming out of the canyon. Watch out for puddles/hydroplaning. Took about 30 minutes from Pine Junction to 470. Have a safe drive if you have to go out today!

Clif B 2hrs ago:
Good morning travelers, We in Bailey truly do live in a banana belt, Shelton and 43 are just starting to get snow covered 285 is just wet until Pine junction then the fun is over roads are slushy and snowpacked the rest of the way in, there was a Semi at the top of Richmond Hill in the left lane all catywampus watch out for him / her, sheriff was on scene give them an ear full I'm sure, 73 is pretty messy south of Blue Creek then gets a bit better Plows are working it. This is as of 4 am have a great day

Katie S 1hr ago:
73 from Marshdale to evergreen is plowed, S curves sanded. Just wet. No trouble with AWD and snow tires. 74 is plowed and wet all the way to 70. Went normal speeds without any issue.

Kristy A 1hr ago:
I left the Ranchos at 5 and the roads seemed to be just wet in Bailey all the way to Pine. Then the roads are snow packed, slushy, no lane recognition. I exited at 73. Conifer got a lot more snow than we did. I did see 3 plows heading southbound by Dutch Bros. Safe travels!

Joe O 1hr ago:
Aspen park to 470 was slick and snow packed. Got behind a plow which helped but definitely a slow drive otherwise. Once you get through the canyon there’s no snow at all

Ashley C 39m ago
My husband drove from Indian Hills to Denver at 5:30am, he said that the roads are just wet going down the canyon and no snow in town.

Windy Point view from Simone Stewart:

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26 Apr 2023 16:23 #372 by MountainTownAlerts
Martin C 2hr ago
Bailey to Conifer and back, 1 to 2 PM today. 285 is all clear, no problems, sunny, and temps are about 40°F so what snow is left is melting.

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11 May 2023 08:30 #373 by MountainTownAlerts

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14 May 2023 06:52 #374 by MountainTownAlerts
Clif B 5:57am
Good Sunday morning all, I owe I owe so off to work I go, roads are just wet this morning, your gonna hit some light fog and mist north of Richmond Hill.On 73 theres a monster pothole coming to life just before the flying J entrance if your headed north. Happy Moms day to all you moms

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