Hwy 285 Road Conditions

15 Nov 2022 05:44 #341 by MountainTownAlerts
From the 285 Traveler FB Group:
Stacy C 5am:
My husband made the drive to Denver. Very snow packed and slick even when you get into Denver.

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15 Nov 2022 07:52 #342 by MountainTownAlerts
Nicole W 7:15am:
Just drove Pine (Parker Ave) to C470. Roads are fairly clear to Windy Point where it gets snow packed and traffic slows but still not bad. Slows more with more volume through Turkey Creek canyon. (Southbound through the canyon is another story with a semi off the road being towed out). It’s slow and steady; with winter driving skills/smarts you’ll be ok.

Shiane S 7:02am
Just before Indian hills heading south. Traffic CRAWING. Looks like one semi off the road. Many chaining up at big pull off

Andi R 7am
NTC snow packed but wasn’t slick with my blizzaks, most are cautious and it was worse when you get down the hill. Lots of semis pulled over SB 285 from curves to NTC and it looked like a bus was having issues in the canyon SB, I was heading NB.

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15 Nov 2022 08:21 #343 by MountainTownAlerts
Anjie J. 7:50am
Tuesday, 7:52am, It took an hour to get from NTC to C470 and I25. It's slick going, worse in town.

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17 Nov 2022 17:08 #344 by MountainTownAlerts
Colleen H. 5:00pm in the 285 Traveler Group:
As one of the unfortunates who ended up wrapped around a pole at Windy Point on my way down the hill this morning, and who just drove through serious fog in Conifer on my way back up this afternoon, I can attest to the need for appropriate tires, patience, and caution. I was lucky and the firefighter who assisted me was kind; with conditions worsening by the hour, you may not be quite so much. PLEASE be aware of icy conditions and adjust your speed accordingly.

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30 Nov 2022 13:13 #345 by MountainTownAlerts
From Maria K 1pm in 285 Traveler Group:

As of 12:00, southbound 285 in Turkey Creek canyon still has black ice. I was going about 40 in the left lane(with traffic, but obviously now I know too fast) and my back tires lost traction. Luckily no one in the right lane because I slid right over. This was in the final set of curves before Indian Hills. Be safe everyone.

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22 Dec 2022 08:28 #346 by MountainTownAlerts
From the 285 Traveler Facebook Group:

Matthew W 7:54am
Golden to conifer via 470 and 285, minor lane recognition both directions, both roads. Some vehicles abandoned and a few semis putting chains on. Was not an issue with my Jeep and blizzaks

Carolena HD 7:20am
Icy in the canyon - go slow

Marci M 7:19am
MM 202.5 South bound side of Kenosha Pass. 2 vehicle head on, possible other cars involved. Caution heading south bound, may be long delays.

Daniele G 6:19am
Here's your morning road conditions update. Road conditions south of Fairplay extremely poor to no visibility, snow packed and icy. Fairplay to Kenosha areas of poor visibility, snow packed and icy. Kenosha to Bailey low visibility with winds blowing out of the north and decent snow causing build up on the roads. Visibility clears up near kings valley but roads become more slick in conifer with the roads being concrete. Snow packed, icy and snowing all the way through the canyon.

Kilo S 5:54am
47/43 to conifer: roads are fine. Just a little bit of powdery snow in places. I went speed limit the whole way and didn’t slip once. 47/43 were being plowed about half hour ago, but not much snow on them either.

Clif B 5:12am
Good morning all, this morning travel is a bit of an adventure,Shelton and 43 are unplowed and the snow is pretty light so if your following somebody or somebody passes going the opposite direction it turns into a whiteout, 285 has been plowed with no lane recognition same deal with the flying snow 73 is pretty much a mess some areas plowed some not ( I'm thinking special gummy bears are involved :)) I did see a fleet of plows headed out. It seem the closer you get to the flats the colder -5 at my place - 13 in Evergreen. Be safe and Merry Christmas or Happy holidays

View from our Windy Point webcam as of 8:21am: mymountaintown.com/weather-traffic

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22 Dec 2022 13:29 #347 by MountainTownAlerts
Amy N Joshua Borstad 12:55pm
285 in the Canyon going both directions is very dangerous right now. I just barely made it through. Nothing but sheer ice, and cars are crashed everywhere.

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22 Dec 2022 19:22 #348 by MountainTownAlerts
Andy N 6:24pm
Avoid Crow Hill. Icy both lanes up and down. Just missed a truck doing a 360 in front of me then into oncoming traffic other direction, thank God no other cars at that time. If a necessity, stay in low gear and far right lanes both ways. Take shortcut past old Delwood Liquor if headed west on CR43. Loaf n' Jug intersection is probably a rink too.

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23 Dec 2022 09:05 #349 by MountainTownAlerts
From the 285 Traveler Group this morning:
Nicky F 7:51am
7:30 got on 285 NB at JJ Madwells/Aspen Park. Roads are still snowpacked. Gave ourselves plenty of time going 40 - 50 mph. Canyon is a slow go with ice. Saw one plow truck going SB.

Allison D. 5:29am
285 NB was snowpacked and icy this morning. I think the canyon was sanded, but still icy. It was difficult to tell in the dark. Drove most of 285 between 38-42mph. Took the canyon at about 25mph. 470 and 70 mostly down to pavement.

Clif B 5:13am
Good morning, as of 4 am Shelton, and 43 are still mostly snowpacked, raceway 285 is snowpacked in spots and has lane recognition in spots (I 70 must have reopened) 73 is in pretty good shape snowpacked of coarse, but some lane recognition all in all not a horrible drive this morning. Like yesterday the closer to the flats the colder, 0 at my house -16 in Evergreen so put away the bikinis and speedos and hello carhartts

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28 Dec 2022 17:20 #350 by MountainTownAlerts
From travelers who posted in the 285 Traveler Group:
Jennifer J 27m ago
4:45 pm. Drive from Lakewood to Indian Hills. Raining hard in the city. Rain changes over to snow between Morrison and Indian Hills. Snow is sticking starting at Parmalee Gulch. Saw one plow heading down Parmalee, which is pretty slick at this point.

Jessie F 35min ago
Just made it home safe from downtown. Gets worse and worse the higher you go

Michelle D 37min ago
It's slicker than Pig snot out there, Drive safely!

Christina J 1hr20min ago
Snowing hard in Bailey ! 43 is slick !

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