Hwy 285 Road Conditions

28 Dec 2022 17:30 #351 by MountainTownAlerts
Steve P 2min ago
Avoid Barkley by 73/Yellow Barn. Cars in ditch, box truck stopped halfway up.

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03 Jan 2023 06:01 #352 by MountainTownAlerts
From members of 285 Traveler:
Clif B 5:20am
Good morning, Shelton and 43 are pretty much snowpacked, there's a really slick spot just past the school that'll wake you up and its in a spot you wouldnt expect. 285 is partially snowpacked and is hard to call in spots, looks wet but could be icy, its14 degrees soòoo, 73 is snowpacked but has wagon tracks all the way in (most stay in the lane of travel) the good news is no fog as of 4am.

Kristy A 5:57am
43 is very icy from the Ranchos to Crowhill. 285 from Bailey to 73 wasn’t bad. Safe travels!

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16 Jan 2023 07:48 #353 by MountainTownAlerts
Updates from members of the 285 Traveler Group for 285, 43, 73, and 126:

Tricia M. 16m ago
CR 126 / Pine Valley Road at 7:10am on Mon: My husband just reached 285, said 126 is sheer ice with just a little bit of sand on it. There’s a car off the side of the road as well (he didn’t give the location). He was sliding in 4WD. Be careful if you’re headed that way!

Clif B. 2hrs ago
Good morning folks happy M.L.K day, if ya got it off don't be in a great hurry to travel. Shelton is snowpacked and once again it has been burnished by bald tires right before 43 so it's pretty slick, 43 is partially snowpacked, watch out just past the school and the corner where the tractor trailer is parked, also if you hall butt to the light you ain't stopping cause it's solid ice. 285 is partially snowpacked 73 has been sanded pretty much the whole way to Evergreen

Ken R. 3hrs ago
Drove 285 from Bailey to DIA. From Bailey to pine, packed snow, no lane recognition, pine to Richmond Hill basically clear, Richmond through Conifer was it and miss, some areas cleat, some no lane recognition. Conifer to 470 was really good. Look out for slick spots in Baily, Windy Point, and the beginning of the Morrison curves. Snow stops and roads dry by the bottom of the Morrison curves. Left at 3am, arrived at DIA in about 75 min.

Webcam views: mymountaintown.com/weather-traffic

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16 Jan 2023 11:19 - 16 Jan 2023 11:20 #354 by MountainTownAlerts
Per Pam R 11:13am:
Just traveled 73 from Shadow Mtn to Evergreen. Just past vet extremely icy northbound. Everyone is sliding. Moving to left of lane helps. Saw one crash clearing.

Becca T. 11:00am
Just drove from Harris park to Bailey Main Street. 47 is snow packed and heavily sanded. 43 is sanded, with a few areas of snow pack and slushy areas. Dellwood Drive is snow packed with some parts sanded and 285 is mostly wet with some slushy areas in town. Whoever sanded 47/43 THANK YOU, it was the best sanding job I have seen since moving here 5 years ago!! Thank you CDOT for getting 285 plowed and sanded as well!

Per Shannon M 10:51am:
Slide off at MM 213. Traffic is impacted both directions.

Marci M 9:33am
MM 213. 3 car accident. North of Grant, Santa Maria area. No direction given.

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18 Jan 2023 07:09 #355 by MountainTownAlerts
Katie S. 6:54am
73 from Marshdale to Evergreen is plowed, snow packed but no issues going about 30 mph. 74 is also plowed and snow packed. No problems going about 45 mph. Snow tires and AWD. No traction issues.

Isai C. 6:42am
2 am, snowpacked 285/470/6th/93- snowpacked with icy spots, no lane recognition.

Randi C. 6am
@4:45am roads are better than the last major storm. Better once you get to town

Travis L. 6am
From North Turkey Creek down snowpacked to the narrows then slushy to highway 8 snow packed in icy to 470. Everything in Denver was pretty much snow packed but a little bit less on the west side of town

Clif B. 1hr ago
Good morning fellow thrill seekers, as usual Shelton and 43 unplowed as of 4am, be careful of the well camouflaged mini van on the S curve right before 43 ( its white) facing uphill, 285 no lane recognition, but has been plowed sometime over the evening, and 73 is hit and miss ( pretty sure they must be up in the hood plowing I'd guess )anyway I owe I owe so off to work I go, stay safe

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23 Jan 2023 07:31 #356 by MountainTownAlerts
Clif B. 2hrs ago
Good morning all, light snow on the roads this morning 43 and Shelton are not to bad some lane recognition 285 is starting to get covered to pine then wet to kings valley and then no lane recognition 73 is covered with little or no lane recognition,There was some police activity at the entrance to conifer high school (4cars) so I assume they nabbed whoever needed nabbing, only about 1/2inch on the ground in Evergreen

Andi R. 1hr ago
NTC was being plowed towards Marshdale, 285 NB had some lane definition, snow lightened up at end of canyon

Katherine B. 22min ago
[the drive from Pine Junction to Conifer] was an ice skating rink about thirty minutes ago

Correna G. 1min ago
Husband just drove down about 30 min ago. Said it was really slick in the canyon and someone spun out

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30 Jan 2023 06:26 - 30 Jan 2023 06:26 #357 by MountainTownAlerts
Clif B. 1hr ago
Shelton,43, 285, 73 all clear this morning however it was 20 degrees in in elk creek highlands got into the valley it dropped to -3 then just outside Marshdale -16 so there's that, it's a balmy-12 in Evergreen

Shirley K. 1hr ago
[Roads from Lakewood to Aspen Park] are icy through the canyon but once you are out, they are dry.


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15 Feb 2023 05:52 - 15 Feb 2023 06:08 #358 by MountainTownAlerts
Reports from 285 Travelers:
Clif B 5:00am
Good morning all, Shelton and 43 unplowed, as always watch the S curve right before 43 somebody went a over again last night. 285 is plowed with no lane recognition, some heavy pockets of snow, 73 is plowed to Blue creek then unplowed till the beloved roundabout then plowed the rest of the way in, All in All not to bad, have a safe trip

Kara P 5:20am
Left Schaffer’s crossings 430am made it to C470 about 5am. 285 snow packed and no lane recognition. Plows went thru for one lane at one point but it looked like it had been awhile. Indian hills ramp on ramp look like it had not been touched. Canyon was sketching as usual.

Jessica C 5:22am
Update: city roads are not good. Much worse than mountain roads. But plows are out.

North Turkey Creek is plowed and snow packed. No issues on that. 285 northbound plowed, snow packed, no lane recognition. The ramp onto 285 has not been plowed. Be prepared for 6 inches of powder to get onto the highway. 

Steve G 5:45am
Feb 15, 0500-0540, ( normally 30), Richmond Hill to downtown Englewood. Very light snow falling, excellent visibility, plowed down to asphalt, lots of CDOT plows on the road currently.

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15 Feb 2023 07:16 #359 by MountainTownAlerts
Nicole W 7:04am
Schaefer’s Crossing to C470 NB is icy all the way. Left lane plowed, minimal lane recognition for both lanes. Folks are refusing to utilize both lanes and driving straight down the middle causing additional delays. Be patient and cautious. 45mph is doable with AWD and good tires. Took 45 minutes.

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15 Feb 2023 11:17 #360 by MountainTownAlerts
Per multiple travelers, there are multiple accidents on Hwy 285 NB in Turkey Creek Canyon that has the highway shut down.

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