Hwy 285 Road Conditions

31 Dec 2021 10:11 #311 by MountainTownAlerts
Per Carla J 23m ago
SB 285, just before Parmalee Gulch, white Jeep rolled. One lane open. Emergency team on site. Patchy black ice. Be safe.

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31 Dec 2021 15:25 #312 by MountainTownAlerts
From Stacie B at 2:15pm:
Left Elk meadows area at 1pm to head home to Bailey near the library. Plows are out doing their thing, didn't notice any slick spots just snowpacked. Stay safe, keep your distance, don't slam on brakes, use your lights and please all arrive to your destination safely.

Elizabeth P at 2:04pm:
285 at Windy Point. Plows are just now getting out. Roads are slick in some areas. Take it slow and you'll be fine.

Clif B at 1:05pm:
Just got home from Evergreen 73 is icing up 285 is just wet and 43 of coarse is snowpacked and starting to get slick.

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31 Dec 2021 21:23 #313 by MountainTownAlerts
From Barbara F 8:50pm:
Took me 1.5 hours to get from Englewood to Shadow Mtn. 285 is not plowed. Accidents, etc. Shadow Mtn Drive is not plowed. At least there’s no wildfire tonight, huh? Happy New Year. Safe travels.

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01 Jan 2022 08:07 #314 by MountainTownAlerts
Clif B. 6am in the 285 Traveler Group:
Good morning 285 travels 43 is still kinda of a mess, not been plowed and the tracks grab ya and pull ya in Givin ya a bit of a pucker factor 285 has been plowed but snowpacked with little lane recognition and 73 is pretty good shape plowed and sanded in spots although you gotta watch for snow piles from private plows pushing snow into the road Happy new year all

Susan K. 5am
I was pleasantly surprised with the roads this morning. As of 4:30am the canyon was freshly plowed as was 470 to 70 and 70 east.

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02 Jan 2022 11:45 #315 by MountainTownAlerts
From Jessica C at 11:05am
Just drove NTC (N Turkey Creek Rd) to 285 to 470 east to 25 to 225 to 70 back to 470, 285 and NTC. All roads in the city are wet. 285 is wet until the canyon northbound then still some snowpack in turkey creek canyon. Wet southbound the whole way. NTC is still snowpacked and gettin slushy at corners causing some sliding.

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03 Jan 2022 08:40 #316 by MountainTownAlerts
From Clif B. 3hr ago in 285 Traveler
Good morning 43 is still partially snowpacked but much better 285 is dry 73 is still kinda messy partially snowpacked, the wheel tracks are on or cross the double yellow in alot of different areas including hard curves so gotta watch for oncoming. 15 degrees colder in Evergreen. Have a good day.

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05 Jan 2022 18:02 #317 by MountainTownAlerts
285 Traveler Group reports:

Pete Z. 5:53pm
Just got home / to Pine from Lakewood. Snowing along C470 and continued through the canyon. Snow eased the further south we went. Windy point was slick in spots but not bad. Conifer was pretty much dry.

An R. 5:36pm
Just drove up 285 from Kipling and NTC no issues or sliding yet.. have fwd and Blizzaks

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06 Jan 2022 07:30 #318 by MountainTownAlerts
Reports from 285 Travelers:
Rick S 6:33am
Roland Valley to downtown Denver 45-50 mph +10 min commute. Patches of snow pack at usual sketchy areas Richmond Hill, Windy Point, Canyon but not bad. Denver roads in worse shape. 5:30 am - 6:30 am

Jessica H 1hr ago
Just arrived at work in Lakewood from Kings Valley. Roads were snow packed. I didn’t notice that they were slick until I got to 470 and it got a little bit slushy in areas. There are tons of plows in town.

Isai C 1hr ago
285 from Meyer Ranch plowed well, C470 to 6th is well plowed, 93 North of Golden is virtually unplowed all the way to the outskirts of Boulder. Total time of commute today 1 hour 25 minutes. Time of travel 4AM to 5:20AM.

Natalie F 2hr
Just got to DIA from shadow mountain,conifer. The roads aren’t ideal. But when you get to 70 in Denver, it’s nothing but ice. Nothing has been plowed, and we couldn’t go faster than 40 or 45. It took us about an hour and 35 minutes to get here when it usually takes an hour.

Clif B 2hr
Good morning 43 is partially snowpacked but the wind is blowing and making it difficult to see in spots 285 is partially snowpacked but the closer you get to town the more snowpacked ya get 73 is pretty icy and snowpacked watch that last corner coming into Evergreen Bailey temp 29, Evergreen temp 2

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10 Jan 2022 09:52 - 10 Jan 2022 09:53 #319 by MountainTownAlerts
From Giovanni N. in 285 Traveler at 8:11am

Drove 285 from Kings Valley to Fairplay this morning and it was clear the whole way and mostly dry. CO-9 is pretty bad MM 76-81 over Hoosier, and traction law is in effect MM 73-80 for anyone going to Breck.

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14 Jan 2022 12:16 #320 by MountainTownAlerts
Reports from 285 Travelers:
Greg R. 12:05pm:
just got to Fairplay, it’s fine from Jefferson to Fairplay. Roads are pretty clear and it’s not snowing much

Taron S. at 12:03:
Just came to Shawnee from Fairplay. Sun was shining in Fairplay. Light snow on Kenosha that gets heavier toward Shawnee.

Karen D at 12:01pm:
Just drove up from Littleton, roads wet til you get to Indian Hills then snow starts to stick on the roads (southbound). Gets slippery as you get closer to Morrison, saw some folks pulling trailers sliding and unable to get up and when you get to windy point, a semi was starting to jack knife. Exits and side roads are not plowed at all (at least where I exit at Richmond Hill).

I took it slow and steady and made it home but be careful out there. If you can leave ASAP I would, I think it’s just going to get worse. Everyone drive safe!!

Caitlin C 11:49am:
Ok I’d say Evergreen and Conifer are almost tied on snow accumulation on the side roads but Conifer is starting to win. It was a little slick even only going 20mph downhill by Evergreen Lake. The biggest challenge is other drivers with no headlights and extreme varying speeds. (35mph a car comes by 15mph) Plows were going northbound at Staples. Truck on center wire just before Foxton. Richmond Hill is doing its fun merging thing but not horrible except we’re down to 15mph behind a truck so please keep speeds down. *Headed SB

Caludia M 11:44am:
Heads up... 73 is very icy. Someone from the opposite direction almost hit me sliding sideways around a curve.

Webcam views:
Denver to Grant mymountaintown.com/weather-traffic
Jefferson to South Park mymountaintown.com/weather-traffic/285-w...ferson-to-south-park

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