Hwy 285 Road Conditions

17 Mar 2021 09:54 #261 by MountainTownAlerts
Denise K. 25m
Just drove Kings Valley to 285 to 470 to Golden. Kings Valley is very slick. 285 is really good. Watch out for the speed racers. 470 was great. Have a great day everyone!

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19 Mar 2021 07:32 #262 by MountainTownAlerts
Lia A. 1hr ago
Just a heads up that there's some ice on 285 North coming down from Windy Point (by the merge lane at Doubleheader Ranch Road). As the snow melts during the day and refreezes at night expect more icy patches! Be safe

From 285 Traveler FB Group

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24 Mar 2021 06:01 #263 by MountainTownAlerts
Road conditions as reported by 285 Travelers
Clif B. 5:57am
Good morning 43 is snowpacked and unplowed 285 is also snowpacked and only partially plowed snowing pretty hard from kings valley to conifer 73 is also partially plowed and pretty icy Watch the S curve before 43 on sheldon its pretty slick and judging by the tracks somebody almost took a short cut to 43

Zakk L. 4:59am
Just came up to bailey from town, no plows that I saw. Roads were in bad shape

Laura A. 4:59am
PJ to Safeway. Awful.

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24 Mar 2021 06:36 - 24 Mar 2021 06:37 #264 by MountainTownAlerts
Laura S. 6:20am
Morning neighbors, as of about 30 minutes ago NTC (N Turkey Creek) and 285 was a complete mess. Drive carefully!

Hadn’t been plowed in a while and the snow was fairly deep in multiple locations.

Barbara F. 6:19am
Just came down 285 from Conifer. It’s plowed and snow packed. After C470 it’s all slush. Looks like a demolition derby in the canyon after last night. Leave a little early.

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26 Mar 2021 13:18 - 26 Mar 2021 13:22 #265 by MountainTownAlerts


Tabitha F. 12:47pm
Snow is accumulating fast! 285 was fine when I was on it 20 minutes ago, not sure now. Conifer Mountain on the Kennedy Gulch side got gradually worse as I drove up. I slid a bit on two curves but the straightaways were fine. It’s not slushy or icy, just snowy so if snow plows come it should be fine. Until then it’s a bit rough.

Maria I. 12:51pm
I'm out and about and 285 is only wet in aspen Park

Savannah C. 12:58pm
Just go to conifer from Bailey, roads were wet tell the top of Richmond hill then ridiculous coming into Conifer.

Kassie G. 1:00pm
I just drove up to conifer from down the hill. Flurries started just past the canyon, bigger flakes around Myers but 285 is just wet through conifer. Higher elevations near my house the roads are snow covered.

Clif B. 1:18pm
1pm just drove home from Evergreen 73 is wet until you get to Barkley rd gets a little slick 285 to the top of Richmond is getting snowpacked from the top of Richmond to 43 is just wet, as is 43 and sheldon

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26 Mar 2021 14:41 #266 by MountainTownAlerts
Dina S. 1:22pm
Just drove Lakewood to conifer. Bone dry til windy point. Little wet windy point to Aspen park. By Safeway exit slushy and apparently more slippery than it looks because in my rearview mirror I saw a truck going northbound lose control. Couldn't see what happened. Hopefully all is ok

Niya P. 2:14pm
Friday 2:00 pm, 285 Denver to Richmond Hill: roads are clear until Aspen Park, then the roads are wet to Richmond Hill with slush in the median.

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30 Mar 2021 07:52 #267 by MountainTownAlerts
Reports from 285 Travelers
Luke S. 7:40am
Solid ice through the canyon all the way to Conifer.

Suzanne F. 7:30am
Several trucks trying to chain up at pull out on So Bound. One 18 wheeler is stuck left lane at Park n Ride area

Greg M. 7:10am
South bound from MM 247 there was a Semi off in the ditch and another one in the same position by Tiny Town exit.

Ryan L. 7:10am
Not very good. Be careful. Very slick in conifer and into Bailey.

At 6:20am I saw a plow headed towards HP. However 43 was a sh*t show along with 285 which was worse at the time.

Rick S. 7am
Just arrived downtown from Bailey, 285 snowpacked but plowed, poor lane recognition. AWD and M+S tires 40 mph no problem. SB has several semis stopped in canyon. +15 min to normal commute.

Ken R. 6:50am
Between Bailey and Pine it is slick around corners, speeds around 35 mph. More like skiing than driving.

Kelsie C. 6:45am
645 am and it’s super slick still. Mid N. Turkey creek to 285 down into town. Be careful!

Barbara F. 6:40am
SMD is not plowed. 285 at Conifer is snow packed and Windy Point is it’s usual self. The canyon is a mess! Trucks are stuck SB. NB was OK. The worst stretch is Hwy 8 to C470. Real slick! 285 to Broadway is wet/slushy. You’ll need washer fluid in town. Drive safely!

Andi R. 6:40am
NTC snowpacked, 285 NB Snowpacked my Blizzaks did great on them.. watch out for white trucks. plows were out snowing heavy on NTC.. semis were stacked at Indian hills pd favorite speed trap

Clif R. 6:30am
Good morning all 43 is snowpacked 285 is also snowpacked no sign of CDOT even the shop in conifer was dark 73 is snowpacked and at one point was sanded north of Marshdale once again the roundabout in Marshdale is slick as snot this is as of 430 am Careful of the folks that are in a hurry

Derek J. 5:40am
Very slick from Bailey to Conifer!!

Laura A. 4:40am
PJ to Safeway - snow covered ice. Doesn’t look like there’s been too much done.

Please be careful!

Views in the traffic cams for current conditions (hold the shift key and refresh your browser to force update it):

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06 Apr 2021 16:40 - 06 Apr 2021 16:46 #268 by MountainTownAlerts
Reports from 285 Travelers:
Caitlin C. 4:39pm:
4/6 4:35 285 between Morrison and Conifer
Roads are slick. People in the median. We were cut off and slid while in 2 wheel drive. Please turn your lights on. Pretty please.

Pamela C. 4:36pm:
Snowing hard after Windy point multiple cars off the road

Liz M. 4:22pm:
Visibility coming from Evergreen to Bailey is not very good in places.

Road/Weather Conditions: Foggy with light snow accumulation along Hwy 285 from ~Windy Point through Conifer, wet to dry as you keep going after that.
Meyer Ranch Open Space

Knit Knook/Colorado Taekwondo Institute at Conifer Marketplace

CDOT Hwy 285 at Shaffer's Crossing/S. Elk Creek Rd

Aspen Peak Cellars in Bailey

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06 Apr 2021 18:18 #269 by MountainTownAlerts
Ken R. 6:11pm
Stay off Turkey creek if you can, saw no less than 3 people spin out, one almost went off a cliff.

Stacie B. 6:09pm
Left kipling/285 at 5, aside from the accident south of windy point that caused some backup for awhile, conditions improve going south of scooters/snowpack. Pine to bailey, not even wet.

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08 Apr 2021 06:41 #270 by MountainTownAlerts
Per Andi R. 5:55am
North Turkey Creek near 285 heading towards marshdale is a rockslide on the road

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