Hwy 285 Road Conditions

11 Feb 2020 06:36 - 11 Feb 2020 06:39 #211 by MountainTownAlerts
Paul P. 14 mins
Drive from Pine Junction to DIA just now was decent. Just under 2 hours.
Roads were snowy and icy up the hill then got more and more clear until it was just wet near the airport.

Hilary M. 18 mins
5:45 a.m. 285 NB from Twin Forks to town is snow packed/covered, but didn't seem to slick so if you have good tires you should be fine. I went 30-35 mph through the canyon without any troubles. Will get slower as more people get on the road.

Jane B. 33 mins
285 plowed but ice under the snow. Take it easy.

Dawn S. 36 mins
5am Just came down Conifer Mtn and Kennedy Gulch. Conifer Mtn nit plowed about 8" of snow, at the "Y" and down is plowed. A plow was heading up

Jon G. 1 hr
Shadow Mtn to Golden
Shadow Mtn and mist of Aspen Park not plowed. Grader was chaining up by JJ Madwells. 285 snow packed with only right lane down to hard pack. 4 CDOT plows getting on NB 285 from HWY 8 when I went by. SB before Parmalle semi with Trooper stuck right lane. 470 show packed to hard pack.

Remember with the return Tabor not passing last November ever County section got their budget severely cut. For Road and Bridge, less OT for night and weekend plowing and less product on the road.

Laurel M. 2 hrs
Just drove from downtown Denver to bailey. 285 snow packed and some icy parts went about 40-45 mph a few cars passed me. Be careful because it looks like 285 is only plowed by one lane. If you live off 43 it’s literally just piled with snowed and icy. If your going into Denver c470 and 6th were terrible. Icy and snow packed.

Hwy 285 at C-470

Hwy 285 at Parmalee Gulch Rd

Hwy 285 at Windy Point

Hwy 285 in Conifer

Hwy 285 at Richmond Hill Rd

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12 Feb 2020 07:08 - 12 Feb 2020 10:47 #212 by MountainTownAlerts
Julie F. 1 min
Blowing and drifting snow on 285 between 470 and Kipling.

Heather W. 44 mins
Roads are dry from Bailey to C470. However watch the big patch of BLACK ICE under the bridge at Parmelee. Blowing drifting snow on c470 on ramp and bowls on ramp.

Chris L. 1 hr
Smooth sailing from Jefferson to conifer so far

Edit to add from Jessica C. on our Facebook Page:
North turkey creek has a lot of black ice

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18 Feb 2020 07:12 #213 by MountainTownAlerts
Road condition reports from 285 Travelers:

Cam G. 18min ago
Pine to Denver was a little snow packed in spots but you can see the lane almost the whole way down. C470 is just wet.

Andi R. 28min ago
Careful if you merge from NTC there’s no merge lane NB traffic is driving in it..

Kelsey T. 47min ago
It wasn’t too bad, slightly snow packed but pretty clear where tired tracks are. Drove a little slower than usual for sure tho!

Pat K. 1hr ago
Fairplay, clear no wind

Clif B. 1hr ago
Just enough snow to make it a bit slick 43,285,and 73 all snowpacked but I did see plows working

Jessie F. 2hrs ago
285 is patchy snow and ice, C470 is wet. 6th ave is wet.

Butch O. 3hrs ago
Icy snow packed Slick to the bottom of the hill . Just wet in town.

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20 Feb 2020 07:07 #214 by MountainTownAlerts
Andi R. 34min
Snowpacked and some icy spots on 285, 30mph on curves, of course some ppl trying to do normal speeds.. right lane had better lane recognition. Ice and snowpack by c470

I did the speed limit mostly on NTC just slow on curves definitely

Greg D. 31min
Zambonis were out on Shadow Mountain last night.

Alex H. 49min
As of last night there were dropping lots of gravel on N. Turkey and it was in decent shape! The highway is typical this morning. Take your time and you will be fine as it is a bit slick.

Clif B. 1hr
Roads not to bad this morning 43 is of course snowpacked 285 has partial lane recognition and 73 into Evergreen is slick in spots Whatch the top of Richmond for some reason theres always a patch of ice up there

Pat K. 1hr
Thursday morning 5:15. Fairplay half inch of snow on the ground. No wind

Photo of Hwy 285 at Windy Point by Simone Stewart

Meyer Ranch Open Space in Conifer by MMT

Downtown Bailey by CDOT

More webcams: mymountaintown.com/weather-traffic

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25 Feb 2020 11:49 #215 by MountainTownAlerts
Travelers are reporting deteriorating conditions.

Judy C. 12min
Conditions deteriorating quickly past Bailey ...icy, snowy roads and foggy at Kum & Go...And 73 off of 285 is a snowy mess!

Tricia S. 17 mins
Snowing and snow covered after Richmond Hill north bound. Turned off 285 to take CR73 to Evergreen. Really snowy. I turned around and came home. A little too spooky for me.

Danielle M. 45 mins
Roads are the worst up by staples on 285. Canyon isn’t bad at all

Amy I. 1 hr
Drove up from Ken Caryl to Shawnee. Snowing in conifer, with snow blowing across the highway. At Shaffers Crossing, it was fine. Nice and clear here in shawnee.

View of Hwy 285 at Richmond Hill Rd with our Elk Creek Fire webcam mymountaintown.com/weather-traffic

Our IMHS webcam in Pine Junction

Our Bailey webcam at Aspen Peak Cellars

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26 Feb 2020 06:23 #216 by MountainTownAlerts
Road conditions this morning as reported by travelers:
Chris L. 43 mins
Cr43 Bailey to Richmond Hill is snow packed areas, ice in others. Richmond Hill to Foxton is black ice. Foxton to Aspen Park is a little better but snow between lanes.

Beth B. 53 mins
Several elk hanging by the side of the road just slightly south of mile marker 56 on Highway 9 road so far are relatively dry and clear with patches

Highway 9 south of Hartsel is relatively dry a few patches and a beautiful - 11 degrees

Chad A. 6 hrs
Just drove from Denver to Roland Dr. Morrison to Windy Point is clear, it looks wet but there is very little to no splash back which means it’s probably icing up, be careful. Snow pack increases past Conifer and the curves between Kum & Go and Shaffers Crossing are very slick, you do not want to hit them at the speed limit. Take it slow and the road is passable without too much trouble.

View at Windy Point at 6:20am mymountaintown.com/weather-traffic

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19 Mar 2020 12:40 #217 by MountainTownAlerts

Road conditions as reported by travelers

Rory M. 23 mins
Roads are expected, icy and snow packed. Cars and some semi’s are on the shoulders. Watch those blind corners heading to the canyon.

Kevin H. 32 mins
Semi in the northbound ditch between schafer's crossing and kings Valley

Ariana B. 35 mins
Super Sketchy all the way from 470 to Conifer.
I saw a CDL Safety School Semi in the median, a small car slid as it was trying to exit and turned on it's side, two vehicle fender bender, stopped to help but one of the vehicles front end was smashed into the tire and inoperable, several other vehicles on the side with hazzards on.
I hydroplaned several times near the bottom of the hill before I figured out to drive on the right or left of the wear ruts, which are like two parallel little rivers.
Gets SUPER ICY near the top.
Get home to your loved ones safely folks!

Dan D. 39 mins
11:45am...heavy snow on Conifer Mt. Getting about 1.5 - 2 inches per hour right now near top of Kennedy Gulch. Plows are very active, though. Road looks pretty good up here. (9000')

Jayne E. 41 mins

Hubby just drove his pickup with really good tires from Chatfield to King’s Valley and said 285 is HORRIBLE and one of the worst conditions he’s seen (lived up here since 2013)

Saw a plow....but it’s snowing/windy HARD - probably 11 inches in KV right now.

Mike T. 1 hr
1115am: 285 from pleasant park to 470. Roads and visibility are garbage. Highway is super slick and slow going. Lots of vehicles having issues on southbound side going through Windy Point. Northbound is free of vehicle issues but everyone is thankfully going super slow and careful. Plows are out but they are barely keeping up. Stay home if you can.

Kelsey M. 2 hrs
This is definitely stay home weather!! Attempted to drive northbound from Aspen Park and ended up turning around at Meyer's Ranch. Roads are extremely icy with heavy slush, not plowed yet.

Aly S. 2 hrs
Bailey hwy 285 northbound to conifer. Slushy snow, no plows, one lane most the way. Picture taken just before Bradley's

Chris L. 2 hrs
Roads are getting bad stay in if you can. If not give us big trucks room we are sliding around with chains on, don’t be in a rush and try to jump in front of us we will slide.

Jessica C. 4 hrs
North Turkey Creek is very sloppy, slick, and unplowed.

Michelle N. 4 hrs
Zero plowed on 73 yet & saw one plow on 74 just now heading from I70 area- FYI

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16 Apr 2020 06:41 #218 by MountainTownAlerts
Jon G 17min ago
Southbound 285 at the 247 (just past where Morrison PD sits) RTD bus stuck blocking lane. Morrison PD calling for CDOT for sand.

Clif B 19min ago
It's kinda mixed bag this mornin,at 430 am 43 was only snowpacked in the cold areas otherwise just wet 285 was just wet until Richmond then became snowpacked 73 is snowpacked and unplowed about 2 inches of snow and slick

Tom G 1hr ago
Bailey loafn jug to c470
Good morning y'all, the roads are wet until north of foxton road then a light dustin until you come out of the canyon then the snow is a little heavier on the road. The snow is light to moderate as the bands are moving thru the areas. Might want to tap those brakes on the north side of windy point, it getting frosty on that side, also ad you go thru the canyon. Spotted a southbound plow at grant automotive. Visibility is clear all
the way down. No slide offs, rollovers, or accidents at this time. Y'all have a great day!

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16 Apr 2020 07:23 #219 by MountainTownAlerts
Mari W 7:02am
Barkley road has a couple of cars already stuck that cannot make it up the hill and are sliding backwards

Andi R 6:46am
Vehicles facing wrong way on NB 285.. first one in curves mile before HWY 8 exit in right lane...2nd one before 470 lost his bumper in left lane and they spun to shoulder on right side.. we were following 2 plows but it didn’t feel like it

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16 Apr 2020 08:30 #220 by MountainTownAlerts
Matthew L 8:27am
Conditions are getting worse. From Bailey to Denver Snowing. Hard pack frozen slush under hard pack snow. Plows are out but the gray merkey (sp) frozen slush under the snow is not going anywhere with the plows. That is Ice my fellow drivers. So keep it safe. Turkey Creek was getting bad as I went through 40 min ago. Bus and a few cars south bound spun out and stuck. Once you get to about Kipling and I70 roads improve to slushy mush. Same as you get past C470 on 285

Jessica C 8:19am
North Turkey Creek alternates from slushy to snowpacked. It definitely could use a plow. There are a lot of slick spots. Be safe and stay healthy

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